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Folder Analytics

Your Folder Analytics Dashboard presents a high-level snapshot of your learners’ progress and performance for all modules within the folder. To access your folder analytics dashboard, go to your Project Dashboard > select the specific folder > click the blue Folder Analytics button at the top right corner of your Project Dashboard. 


On the Highlights tab of your Folder Analytics Dashboard, you can view the key learner engagement and performance metrics at a glance:

1. Learner Group Filter. Click on the dropdown menu to select and filter the folder analytics by your different learner groups. The default folder analytics view is for all learners assigned to the folder.

2. Learner Completion Rates. Displays Total Learners assigned to the folder, number of learners who Completed > 1 module, number of learners who Completed all modules, and number of learners who Have not started any module in the folder. 

3. Module Completion Rates. Displays Total Modules in the folder, and the number of Modules completed by all learners assigned to the folder. 

4. Training DurationDisplays Total training time of all active learners, and Average training time per active learner. Active learners comprise of those who have completed > 1 module in the folder.

5. Performance ScoresDisplays Average score across all current modules in the folder, Average improvement between learners’ second and first attempts, and Average overall improvement between learners’ latest and first attempts across all current modules in the folder.

6. Learners Lagging Behind. Displays Learners lagging behind (bottom 16th percentile) on completion of all modules in the folder. 

7. Learner Completion Graphs. Displays the number of learners who have completed (green bar chart) vs not completed (red bar chart) for each module in the folder.

⚠️ Note: All metrics are computed based on the latest, existing learners assigned to the folder and the most current modules present in the folder. Metrics will be re-computed automatically whenever there are changes to the learners or modules in the folder. 

Module Tracking

On the Module Tracking tab of your Folder Analytics Dashboard, you can view and track the performance of each learner across all modules in the folder. You can filter the analytics display by your different learner groups or by learners’ completion status by clicking on the Filter by button > select the learner group and/or filter option > then click Apply filter.


The folder analytics button will appear on the top right corner of your Project Dashboard after you have selected/clicked on the specific folder from the left side column of the dashboard (under the Folders menu).

The Learners Lagging behind table displays learners with the lowest completion rate for all modules in your folder (bottom 16th percentile). Hence, a possible reason to why there are no learners displayed in the table is that the majority of them have not completed any modules from the folder yet. Prompt them to get started!

It is likely that the learners assigned to your folder have not attempted your modules yet. Prompt them to get started!

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