Digitise SOPs To Better Support Your Workforce

Increase your workforce productivity by putting SOPs in the palm of their hands. Digitally.

Send SOPs Directly to Workers' Smart Devices

Get your workforce to be more productive by sending SOPs directly to their phones. Ensure your large SOP binders do not become white elephants. Make operating manuals readily available for staffs’ by digitising your SOPs with ArcLab. This way, you provide performance support that is fast, easy and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Easy To Create. Easy To Use. Easy To Track.

ArcLab makes it easy to customise your SOPs to fit your company’s needs. It is easy to create and easy to navigate through the different screens. An extensive range of tools are available for your use to help you design learning modules that are suitable and effective in training and supporting your staff in their work.

Create Bite-sized Training For Effective Onboarding

Training materials are made into comprehensive information through the use of ArcLab’s learning modules making information bite-sized and easily understood by your staff.

You are eligible for a $2,000 discount if your organisation:

(i) is a business entity registered & operating in Singapore, and

(ii) has at least 30% local shareholding, and

(iii) is a Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) as defined by Singapore’s Ministry of Trade & Industry.


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