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To optimise retail staff performance and streamline operations, Polar Puffs & Cakes adopted ArcLab nano learning, breaking down training into small, easily digestible modules that can be completed within short timeframes. Retail staff can now access training at their convenience, any time and anywhere, aligning with busy schedules and enabling optimal learning experiences.

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British Council’s list of 4 Innovative Learning Strategies included Nano Learning and Mobile Learning. The Nano Learning example featured Singapore University of Technology’s use of ArcLab to onboard new hires.

ArcLab is proud to be part of Holon IQ’s 2021 Ed Tech 50 – two years in a row. We are grateful for the continued recognition of our mission to Upskill the World’s Deskless Workforce

Using ArcLab’s platform, Woh Hup launched digital training curriculum, where construction workers undergo safety induction courses via their phones and take a test at the end of each course.


F&B firm Fei Siong Group believes digital transformation is a journey that should not leave anyone behind. This led them to partner local mobile learning startup ArcLab, which has hosted courses in 17 languages on its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, to easily create & distribute training for its staff across >160 outlets islandwide.

ArcLab featured in Holon IQ’s inaugural Southeast Asia Ed Tech 50 is validation that we’re solving a big problem in a scalable way – helping businesses to upskill your deskless workforces fast & easy.

ArcLab’s mobile-first nano learning platform has no software to install, with SmartTranslate that automatically translates your training content, helping your deskless workforce learn in the flow of work.

感谢肥雄餐饮集团 (Fei Siong Group) 使用 ArcLab #流动学习 平台协助员工提升技能。谢谢 Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 采访!

ArcLab provides extensive training templates and analytics to measure employee learning. This helps organisations to continuously upskill and retrain employees, especially useful for deskless workforces.

ArcLab addresses the gaps in technology when it comes to upskilling senior and non tech-savvy workers, and simplifying technology to aid the workfroce.

In a rapidly digitalising society like Singapore, many older workers are increasingly at risk of being left behind. Fei Siong Group uses ArcLab’s simple to use mobile learning platform to upskill senior workers.


Mobile nano learning brings great uptick in workforce learner engagement, knowledge retention and most importantly, knowledge application.

Fei Siong Group, a casual dining company with over 15 F&B brands in Singapore, is tapping on ArcLab’s mobile learning technology to upskill their majority dialect-speaking, senior frontline workforce.


With the pandemic still ravaging many parts of Southeast Asia, ArcLab CEO James shares his view of the outlook for HRTech in Southeast Asia.

As a mobile learning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, ArcLab’s vision is to upskill the world’s deskless workforce through building the world’s simplest training system.

ArcLab discusses the need and significance of nano learning for workforce development and increasing productivity for the business.

ArcLab CEO James thinks HRTech didn’t chance all that much in 2020 but the mindset of the industry did – previous inertia & internal barriers to HRTech adoption changed, through sheer necessity.

There’s no better time than now for talent upskilling and reskilling. ArcLab CEO James shares why training should not stop at junior roles but should be a lifelong process.

ArcLab has built a mobile learning SaaS platform specifically to cater to training for deskless workers, an underserved segment of our workforce. 

Work from home has been and continues to be one of the few benefits (for employees) of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is also a logistical challenge for many businesses as they lack the infrastructure to..

ArcLab empowers organisations to easily create, distribute and track training, sent directly to staff phones without the need for an app. ArcLab is backed by Spaze Ventures…

The current pandemic and the accelerating need for digital adoption has put a spotlight on the widening skill gap of the distributed workforce. ArcLab CEO James shares thoughts with IHRP.

Yumcha Studios, Singapore-based edtech startup, has launched a free online quiz: ‘10 WAYS KIDS CAN FIGHT THE COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS!’ in partnership with ArcLab

Company for Good’s Op-Ed featuring ArcLab

EDUCATIONAL technology accelerator EduSpaze has picked nine edtech startups to join its inaugural cohort following a selection process which garnered 200 applicants across 25 countries.

Singapore-based edtech accelerator EduSpaze has revealed the nine early-stage companies that form its first cohort of startups.

ArcLab CEO James speaks to Adrian Tan about the better way for companies to upskill their Deskless Workforce.

AWS EdStart members are transforming education in every corner of the globe. Read on for more about three of our members – ArcLab, Lightbulb Education, and Yellowdig. Each of these EdTechs rely on AWS…

Fei Siong Group, one of Singapore’s largest casual dining and quick-service restaurant companies with 15 brands and over 150 outlets operating in Singapore and Malaysia, has announced a partnership…