ArcLab For Non-Profit Organisations

Onboard, Train & Upskill with ArcLab

Non-Profits & Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) can ease onboarding of new hires & volunteers through Mobile Training.

Delivering training content can now be fast and easy.

Shorten Briefing & Training Time

Social Service Agencies & Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) regularly welcome many people onboard as staff or to volunteer at non-governmental organisations.

Onboarding, introduction, briefing and training content are mostly the same for every new joiner, and it is impractical to physically do this repetitively.

ArcLab helps your organisation to digitalise such materials, so staff & volunteers can get up to speed quickly via Mobile Training.

Eliminate Repetitive Training Content Delivery

ArcLab’s Nano Learning modules are a fast and easy learner-friendly solution for non-profits organisations. 

Consistent information can now be delivered to any number of staff or volunteers simply by moving training or onboarding materials online and in one service platform. 

ArcLab helps your NonProfit to train & support your workforce Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Language.


Our AI-assisted translation feature empowers you to create modules in multiple languages to serve modules in your staff & volunteer’s native languages, with a click of a button.

Montfort Care's Experience

Montfort Care is a Singapore-based social service organisation that provides community-based social services to communities facing transitional challenges.

Montfort Care Implements ArcLab
Montfort Care implements ArcLab modules to move their onboarding content, usually conducted by various departments (HR, Finance, IT), to ArcLab’s one stop platform for ease of access and delivery of information.
Creative Elements In Increasing Engagement
Montfort Care’s entire onboarding deck has been digitised into a series of bite-sized ArcLab modules that are delivered directly to staff’s mobile devices. Conduct virtual tours and lessons with interactive quizzes for better engagement in lessons.
Fast & Easy ArcLab
Eliminate inefficient and time consuming onboarding, ineffective delivery of information for new hires and the need for face to face or physical onboarding sessions. Staff can now learn at their own pace and refer to the materials on demand.

ArcLab supports Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs)
noble missions with preferential pricing

Join organisations like Red Cross, Montfort Care & many more. 
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