Augment Your Client Training
With Nano Learning

Augment Training Programmes Through Learner Analytics & Feedback

Training consultancies can use digital corporate training software to your advantage by implementing Nano learning in your entire training programme. Starting from the pre-course reading, in-course content down to the post-course assessment and feedback.

Faster And Easier Than Before

Nano, mobile and online learning brings countless benefits to the trainer. With the use of ArcLab’s mobile learning software, the preparation of training materials is much faster and easier than before

Learners retain more knowledge, with reported higher levels of employee engagement and participation during the time the course runs. This ultimately leads to better work performance

Join forward-thinking Training Organisations like Business Academia, Creativeworkz Floristry Academy, Textile and Fashion Industry Training Centre and more. 

Augment your training delivery with ArcLab.

Preferential Pricing For Trainers

Training organisations and freelance trainers now have the ability to enrich their training engagements and can provide better value to the organisations you work with.

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