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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Nano Learning?
​Nano Learning is a bite-sized, highly targeted and interactive form of learning—“bite-sized” as nano learning courses span between 2 and 10 minutes; “highly targeted” as each module focuses on a single learning objective; and “interactive” as multimedia is used to promote learner engagement and enhance learning. A great pedagogical framework which Engages Learners, Help Learners Apply Knowledge, and available On-Demand. 

Nano Learning is used for many different training contexts. Applications range across industries and organisations of all sizes. Besides delivering content in an engaging and effective format to employees of all levels, organisations benefit by gleaning important data about their learning & ability to perform the required job role. ArcLab Nano Learning modules are secure web-based microsites that can be incorporated easily into your organisation’s existing LMS or HRMS. No software installation or integration needed whatsoever. We’re cloud-based, as we’re sure you organisation is (or want to be).

What is the difference between Microlearning and Nano Learning?
Micro learning and Nano Learning are similar. They are: 

  1. Both designed as e-learning modules 
  2. Completed over a short period of time 
  3. Focused on content for just-in-time learning 

Microlearning aims to cover a small number of learning objectives. Nano Learning aims to cover even more bite-sized pieces of specific knowledge (of a single learning objective). 
Simply, Nano Learning is Microlearning ‘re-mastered’ – with learning broken down into even more granular slices – ideally 1 learning point per Nano Learning module. The L&D manager can then string a series of Nano Learning modules together to form a coherent sequence of learning for staff to follow and apply the knowledge learnt in their jobs.

What are the benefits of ArcLab’s Nano Learning?
​There are 3 key benefits:

  1. Flexible: Nano Learning offers much-needed flexibility to each learner. Amid the growing demands of modern life, learners rarely find time for long training courses. By delivering knowledge in bite-sized modules, Nano Learning lends itself to on-demand learning—as and when learners have pockets of free time.  
  2. Engaging: Interactive Nano Learning is highly engaging. By using multimedia such as audio, video and pictures, Nano Learning captures the attention of learners. With the average human attention span at just 8 seconds, engaging content is needed to maximise concentration and learning.
  3. Just-in-time: Nano Learning facilitates just-in-time training. Be it a flight attendant who is flying in a new aircraft, or an insurance agent who is meeting his first client, team members can benefit from a quick primer or refresher about the task at hand. As nano learning courses are self-contained and distil key content, they are the best way to deliver just-in-time training.

Why should I use ArcLab?
​ArcLab is the leading Nano Learning platform in Singapore, powering the learning of organisations in various industries including retail, hospitality and many more. ArcLab offers extensive content templates, design customisability and advanced learner analytics so that you can help your team onboard and upskill effectively.

Does ArcLab have a mobile app?
​All ArcLab Nano Learning content is a web URL accessible by standard phone and computer browsers. We believe there is no need to download apps that pose a barrier  to your team’s adoption and take up precious storage space on their personal devices. Our web app also allows easier interface with your organisation’s existing systems.

Is ArcLab a Learning Management System (LMS)?
​ArcLab is a dedicated web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) learning & development tool that helps organisations build and host learning content for their teams.

ArcLab has ‘LMS’ features that help you perform user and content management, and a dashboard to view learner performance. You can use ArcLab alongside your existing LMS systems, HR Management systems and training courses. Learning data can be outputted to external spreadsheets for you to analyse and use at your leisure.

For our Enterprise customers, we extend our API framework to meet your data and analytics needs. Get in touch today.

Is ArcLab like Kahoot or Google Quiz / Forms?
Kahoot! is a quiz-game system built for schools, while Google Forms allows you to create standalone, functional quizzes.

On the other hand, ArcLab is designed for workplace learning, allowing training content to be conveyed, and quiz questions interspersed throughout each ArcLab module. ArcLab’s laser-focussed design makes it suitable for workplace learning, especially the upskilling of ‘deskless’ workers (though we also have the privilege to be used by K-12 schools and Institutes of Higher Learning).

See the ArcLab & Kahoot! comparison, and how ArcLab can help you in your workplace training needs. 

How do I use ArcLab?
​Head to ArcLab Builder to develop training content yourself, fuss-free. Our platform provides a set of simple and intuitive tools to build the nano learning content you desire to deliver easily to your workforce and improve their performance.

Who creates the content?
​It’s entirely up to you.

With ArcLab Basic and ArcLab Pro, take advantage of our suite of tools and templates to build your own learning content. Our software is designed with the user organisation (that’s you!) in mind, so it’s simple to get started. To further guide you along, we will have periodic ArcLab L&D and content creation clinics, which covers our platform’s full functionalities. Get started here.

ArcLab’s Instructional Design Team can also work alongside you through ArcLab Enterprise. Under this framework, our team takes the learning content that you provide, and develops an engaging learning journey that meets your organisation’s unique needs. Reach us to get started.

​Who owns the content?
​Your training content is proprietary and precious to you, and YOU will always own it.

ArcLab simply provides you with the tools to best package your training content, before deploying it to your team. See our T&C and Privacy pages for the full details on how we protect your intellectual property and data.

Do I need coding skills to use ArcLab?
​You don’t need any coding skills to use ArcLab Builder. If you can use a web browser, you can use build Nano Learning content. For learning ideas and reference, choose from a range of ready-made ArcLab Nano Learning templates.

For step-by-step guidance, learn with our User Guide

How do learners access my content created on ArcLab?
​Once you have developed your content in ArcLab Builder, you publish your content to a unique URL, hosted by ArcLab on the cloud. This can be shared with your learners through the ArcLab platform, or as a link through other media channels such as e-mails, chat messages and social media. ArcLab Pro and ArcLab Enterprise enables you to restrict the content to your desired audience, such as individual teams or learners, and provides NanoCredential badges for those who have mastered your content.

Note that if you make your module private (default setting for ArcLab Pro & ArcLab Enterprise) NOBODY whom you have not explicitly allowed to access your content can login to access the module, even if they have an ArcLab learner account. See our User Guide for more specifics.

Can learners gain accreditation badges for completion?
Yes, ArcLab Pro and ArcLab Enterprise provide NanoCredential features to for you to recognise those who have mastered your content. A NanoCredential is a badge of content mastery that you may choose to award to learners who have learnt your content well (you get to define using our simple rules-based tool what constitutes mastery).

How much does it cost to use ArcLab?
​ArcLab Basic is absolutely free. You gain access to a basic authoring toolkit, and we welcome you to build and host content on our platform without any charge.

To unlock a wider suite of content types, comprehensive analytics, privacy controls and dedicated support, upgrade to ArcLab Pro or ArcLab Enterprise. Save 20% with Annual Pricing where you commit a number of learners for the year. Or go with our pay-as-you go- pricing, based on Unique Active Learners per month (billed in arrears). Learner subscriptions stay at that same affordable level regardless of how much of your organisation’s Nano Learning they access in that month. You can’t get a better deal than that.

Our Pricing page has the full details.

(n/b – If you’re a qualified non-profit organisation or voluntary welfare organisation, we’re glad to help your mission with specially-discounted ArcLab pricing. Contact us for details).

What do you mean by Unique Active Learner?
A Unique Active Learner is an identifiable individual who you allow to access your Nano Learning content. ArcLab uses e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers to identify individual learners and attribute usage. All instances of content access by learners with this identity is tagged under the individual. So you never pay for repeated access. In fact, you get a proxy indicator for that individual’s hard work.

Is ArcLab’s data secure?
ArcLab’s platform is hosted on cloud infrastructure of reputed global technology provider Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), whose capacity scales as required to comfortably support our users’ usage. ArcLab is built on a secure and safe digital environment. Traffic and digital content of ArcLab’s platform is fully routed through SSL and sensitive data signed by a time and session-sensitive digital signature. AWS cloud infrastructure is also protected by state-of-the-art anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-hacking and anti-phishing security systems and protocols. At the operational level, ArcLab follows security best practices, and protects the confidentiality and integrity of the learning content when they are stored and administered. Our private learner community allows Administrators to define only authorised learners to access specific learning modules.

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