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Modules From Our Community

Add these modules to your ArcLab dashboard to share with your workforce, adapting to your organisation accordingly.

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New Staff Onboarding

Organisations use Nano Learning to introduce New Employees to the firm, mission, job roles, reporting supervisors & team-mates etc.

Customer Service Training

Organisations in Hospitality, F&B and Retail industries use Nano Learning to introduce Customer Service Training to front-line staff.

Financial Product Training

Financial Institutions use Nano Learning in various training use cases. E.g are primers in BlockchainBusiness Chinese

Retail Staff Onboarding

This onboarding template is built specifically for retail businesses. Use it to welcome and orientate new hires to their new job and deliver awesome experiences to your customers

Customer Service (Serving Difficult Customers)

We want to serve our customers well. How would you like your staff to act when facing customers who are ‘difficult’? Here’s an ArcLab template. Feel free to adapt it according to your company policy & practices!

Customer Service (4 Types of Difficult Customers)

When your staff understand the characteristics of different difficult customer profiles, they are better-equipped to serve them & turn them into advocates of your brand. Try this template!

Customer Service: Art of Body Language

Did you know that a big part of our communication happens through NON-VERBAL means? Understanding Body Language is an extremely important skill for your customer service reps to better serve your customers

Customer Service: Greeting & Order-Taking

First Impressions last! Use & adapt this template to train your staff in properly greeting your customers and how to take orders and recommend what’s suitable for them

GrabPay Merchant POS Tutorial

Has your business started accepting digital payments? Go digital today! There’s a variety of digital POS in the market. GrabPay is one. Here’s a module you can use to train your staff

Service Crew Onboarding (Chinese)

ArcLab supports multiple languages. Here is a Chinese-language template you can use to onboard service crew to their new job.

餐厅服务员入职须知: 岗位职责与任务 

Procedure-Based Training

Use this template to create modules for staff to learn how to perform process-based tasks. Add “how-to” videos, diagrams etc. to make the training easy to understand. Far more effective and engaging than dry, boring manuals

Content-Based Training

Use this template to focus learning on the ‘what’ of things. Adapt it to introduce or reacquaint your team to the 101s of company products and offerings, or provide information on a specific topic or policy. A more effective way to help staff retain knowledge

Concept-Based Learning

Concept based learning involves understanding of abstract ideas and requires a much deeper level of information processing—e.g. training on leadership, communication, critical thinking, or conflict resolution skills. Use this template to start. 

Anti-Cyber Scams 101

Cyber scam cases continue to rise in our increasingly digitalised society. Train your employees how to spot the signs of scams and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves! #LETSFIGHTSCAMS

Cyber Security 101

How good are your staffs’ Cyber Security habits? With staff splitting their time in the office & WFH, use this module to convey the 101s of Cyber Security to keep your staff (and organisation) safe online

Food Hygiene Practical Training

F&B establishments and hotels use Nano Learning to introduce to Food Hygiene Training to their employees, crucial training for every organisation.

Level Up Staff on Singapore’s PDPA

Use this ArcLab template to create training modules to train and assess your staff’s knowledge of Singapore’s PDPA

Workplace Health & Safety 

Organisations use Nano Learning to keep staff informed of important Workplace Safety Policies & Procedures, helping them keep safe and healthy in the workplace.

Visitor Health Declaration Form

Still using pen & paper to collect visitor COVID-19 health declarations? Add this module to your dashboard & print the QR code for visitors to scan and respond digitally

Workplace Safe Management

The fight against Covid-19 is not over yet! Let us all continue to play our part to keep our workforce and workplaces safe by following these 7 safe management measures. Stay Safe.

Employee Appraisal

Use our employee appraisal template to properly appraise your workforce with ArcLab. Digitally.

Workplace Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this Workplace Safety Inspection module as a Checklist for WSHE managers to inspect the workplace and recommend improvements to keep your workforce safe at the workplace.

Food Hygiene Practical Assessment

F&B Businesses: Use this Inspection module as a Checklist for Ops & Restaurant managers to inspect the back-of-house and ensure staff understand and follow Food Hygiene practices.

Company Newsletter

Rejuvenate boring email newsletters! Use ArcLab’s template for mobile-ready newsletters, delivered direct to staff phones. Announce company updates, and milestones. Foster community by sharing employee stories. 

Customer Feedback Form

Forget Pen-and-paper feedback forms. Add this template to your dashboard, edit it to your brand and print the QR code for customers to give feedback to help improve your operations

Employee Pulse Survey

Check in with your staff on how they’re doing, and feeling about supervisors, teams, and your organisation. Use the template as-is, or add/edit/delete screens to help answer the questions that are important to your business

Standard Operating Procedures

Build Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other Performance Support Materials that your workforce needs for their work tasks. All readily available on their smartphones.

Training Consultancies

Use Nano Learning for the entire learning journey, from Pre-Course ReadingIn-Course Content all the way to Post-Course Assessment & Feedback

Post-Training Evaluation

Nobody will commit to training that does not produce results. This post-training survey template is used by trainers to gather learners’ feedback and identify areas in the training programme that may require adjustments

Training Follow-up

Use this template to see the extent learners apply what they learnt in the job, and gather insights into workplace factors that could support or impede learning transfer. Best applied a period of time after training-end

Food Safety Inspection Checklist

Use this template as an audit / inspection checklist for your F&B outlets’ hygiene. Can be used by food safety officers and outlet managers. Adapt it to fit company specifics and regulatory requirements 

Questionnaires & ‘Dipstick’ Surveys

Because ArcLab is so easy to use, we have organisations using ArcLab to create Surveys using our Poll, Open-Ended and Likert Screens. Try it!

Public Messaging / Communication

ArcLab’s flexibility allows for organisations to use Nano Learning modules for Public-facing Communication.
E.g. dispelling myths about Down Syndrome


COVID-19 has brought mental health and personal well-being to the forefront. Use this rudimentary Mindfulness module to share with your staff simple practices to cope with stress & take care of their mental health 

Urban Farming

As we place more emphasis on sustainability and rethink the impact of our globalised world and supply chains, here is a simple module that can get your teams started on growing a small portion of their food right in their homes

Customer Newsletter

Use ArcLab’s template for mobile-ready newsletters, delivered direct to your customers. Advertise sales, events and promotions

Training Modules by Business Academia

L&D Managers can remix these modules directly into your ArcLab dashboard to preview.

Please contact Ms Alina Rusu at for your full training package.

Customer Experience Management enhanced by Design Thinking

Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design. Discover how you can foster a lifetime loyalty from your customers by bringing design thinking to your business & customer experience strategies.

Emotional Competence: Pre Work

Emotional competence is the key to building a positive and happier workplace. Begin your journey to learning about how emotional competence can work for you and your organisation.

Emotional Competence: Introduction

It is EQ, not IQ, that is essential in the modern workplace! Hear it first-hand from the renowned psychologist and leading scholar on emotional intelligence, Dr. Daniel Goleman, and discover the 5 key domains of EQ that determine professional success.

Emotional Competence: Self-Awareness

Do you act on your emotions in a way you later regret? Do you listen to reply or to understand? Learn the art of self-awareness and find out how it can facilitate effective decision making and inter-communication.


Emotional Competence: Self-Management

Successful management begins with you! Learn to take control of your own thoughts and emotions by equipping yourself with these self-management techniques.

Emotional Competence: Managing Relationships

Maintaining good teamwork and positive working relationships is the cornerstone of organisational success. But just how skilled are you at doing so? Find out here and discover how the key to managing relationships with others begins with the ability to first manage your own emotions. 

SUTD used ArcLab's platform to build a fuss-free, gamified digital module to onboard new hires.

Showcase: Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

SUTD used ArcLab’s platform to build a fuss-free digital module to onboard new hires. By using bite-sized nano learning modules on the ArcLab platform, a gamified induction module was created in addition to the existing orientation portal. This pre-orientation module allowed new hires to familiarise themselves with key information about SUTD in their own time, without needing to wait for the physical orientation sessions.

Ms Adeline Wang, SUTD’s Assistant Director (HR & OD) said: “It’s been a breeze to use ArcLab’s platform as all the features are very user friendly. With the latest updates, it’s even easier for the administrator to create and design a module for an engaging user experience!”

Read the full write-up by at:

Tinkertanker uses ArcLab Nano Learning modules to assess whether interns have understood the briefings through ArcLab assessment screens, before they are allowed to operate worktools

Showcase: Tinkertanker 

Workplace safety is extremely important. Tinkertanker makes sure that every intern is probably briefed of do’s & don’ts​ before they are allowed to operate the machines. On the first day of their internships, Tinkertanker senior staff conduct in-person briefings, which include a walkaround the office highlighting areas to be watchful of, fire exit doors etc.

All relevant onboarding training content is stored on Tinkertanker’s internal wiki page for interns’ reference. ArcLab Nano Learning modules are used to assess whether interns have understood the briefings through ArcLab assessment screens, before they are allowed to operate worktools. 

​This ensures that all interns are probably on-boarded to the company safety culture, so they can safely and effectively work and learn.  ​

Mini Monsters used ArcLab to create unique learning components where children can participate in completing a series of Malay language exercises.

Showcase: Mini Monsters

In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, Mini Monsters launched their flagship programme MonSTARS TV, supported by Singapore’s National Heritage Board, innovating bilingual (Malay-English) digital content for children that amalgamates education and entertainment.

Mini Monsters used ArcLab to create unique learning components where children can participate in completing a series of Malay language exercises. Assessments in KUIZ and PINTAR BAHASA are formative and summative in nature while assisting parents keen to learn alongside their children.

Business Academia's trainers use ArcLab’s Nano Learning platform to lock in the main concepts, launch quizzes and scenarios.

Showcase: Business Academia 

Engagement and In-Course Assessment is extremely important to ensure that training content delivered is relevant to participants, that is why Business Academia use effective methods such as Design Thinking to determine the most desired outcomes. During the in-class training, Business Academia’s trainers use ArcLab’s Nano Learning platform to lock in the main concepts, launch quizzes and scenarios.

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