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Organisations use Nano learning to introduce their new employees to the firm, firm’s mission, job roles, reporting supervisors & team-mates etc.

ArcLab has a wide range of tools including the multi-lingual feature meaning modules can be made in multiple languages. Here is a sample template in Chinese that you can use to onboard service crews to their new job. 

餐厅服务员入职须知: 岗位职责与任务 

Has your business started accepting digital payments? Go digital today! There’s a variety of digital POS in the market. GrabPay is one. Here’s a module you can use to train your staff

Case Study: Fei Siong Group

Fei Siong Group is Singapore’s largest casual dining & quick-service restaurant company with over 1,600 staff, 19 brands (including well-loved eateries like Encik Tan, Malaysia Boleh and Nam Kee Pau), and over 150 outlets islandwide. Here’s how Fei Siong Group uses tech to make training accessible, inclusive and scalable. 

With over 1,600 staff located across 150 outlets islandwide, the L&D team faced a laborious task of coordinating each employee’s work schedules to roll-out training in batches. Trainers had to be deployed repeatedly to the same outlet to conduct training for different employees and the team had to ensure that there was a steady roster of trainers able to conduct training in the employees’ language or dialect fluency. 

ArcLab enables Fei Siong Group’s L&D team to deliver timely and standardised training at scale with minimal disruptions to workflow and without additional burden to existing logistical and manpower resources. The mobile learning modules are crafted in employees’ native languages and enriched with rich media and interactive quizzes to facilitate comprehension and learning engagement. In turn, training becomes fast and easy for trainers and learners.

Case Study: Woh Hup

Woh Hup is a premier construction firm from Singapore –  a leading construction and civil engineering specialist behind Singapore’s most iconic developments like Jewel Changi Airport, Gardens by the Bay, Funan, and The Interlace.

Woh Hup uses ArcLab to create distribute Workplace Safety and Health (“WSH”) training to their workers – direct to their smartphones. Woh Hup’s migrant workers access training modules in their native language, programatically translated in the ArcLab platform. This enables them to better understand and interalise the important WSH knowledge – in the language that they are most comfortable in.

Case Study: SUTD

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is Singapore’s fourth public university established in 2009, known for its East and West academic programmes which incorporate elements of design thinking, innovation, entrepreneurship, and local and international industry collaborations.

SUTD uses ArcLab’s platform to build and deliver a fast and easy digital module to onboard new hires. By using bite-sized nano learning modules, a gamified induction module was created in addition to the existing orientation portal. This pre-orientation module allowed new hires to familiarise themselves with key information about SUTD in their own time, without needing to wait for the physical orientation sessions, speeding up the orientation process.

Case Study: 4Fingers

4Fingers is a Singapore-HQed restaurant chain specialising in crispy Asian-style fried chicken. 4Fingers has steadily expanded from a single outlet in Singapore in 2009 to over 60 outlets across Asia today. Operational manuals & SOPs used to be documented in binders that were kept in each outlet. Updating new content in the different outlets across countries became costly and laborious for training managers.

By going digital with ArcLab, each 4Fingers staff have ready access to 4Fingers’ operational manuals and SOPs on their mobile devices. Training can now take place anytime and anywhere. Information is easily located and accessible, reducing time wasted in flipping through stacks of binders. Training is also more effective & engaging for workers with Digital SOPs now supplemented with pictures and videos. 

montfort care

Case Study: Montfort Care

Montfort Care was founded in 2000. The non-profit provides family services, child protection service as well as cyber wellness and cyber care programmes for the youth and elderly. Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional changes.

Montfort Care uses ArcLab’s platform to digitise their new staff onboarding and training process into a series of bite-sized modules, enabling them to learn at their own time & pace. Montfort Care embedded virtual office/office tour videos into their onboarding modules for new hires that were not able to physically visit any of their centres (primarily due to Covid Safe Management Measures). This allowed those new hires to experience the office/centres virtually through ArcLab modules.

Polar Puffs & Cakes

Case Study: Polar Puffs & Cakes

Polar Puffs & Cakes is a well-loved Singapore home-grown food business that delights our taste buds with the highest-quality puff pastries, cakes and confectioneries. Polar has grown from strength to strength – from one shophouse unit in 1926 to island-wide retail stores and eateries today.

A Progressive Wage Mark+ employer, Polar uses ArcLab’s platform to create small, easily digestible training and assessment modules that focus on specific skill sets and knowledge essential for staff’s growth & proficiency. Retail staff access ArcLab training modules at their convenience, anytime and any where, aligning with busy schedules and enabling optimal learning outcomes.

Case Study: Business Academia

Business Academia consults, designs and runs Learning Programs for companies that want to innovate or improve existing solutions leveraging internal capabilities. The company supports the process of transformation and wants everyone to be engaged and motivated to action and change.

Engagement and In-Course Assessment is extremely important to ensure that training content delivered is relevant to participants, that is why Business Academia use effective methods such as Design Thinking to determine the most desired outcomes. During the in-class training, Business Academia’s trainers use ArcLab’s Nano learning platform to lock in the main concepts, launch quizzes and scenarios.

Case Study: Tinkertanker

Tinkertanker is a leading Singapore education and technology company. Taking in many students as interns throughout the year to work with Tinkertanker staff on STEM-related projects, with many involving hardware and usage of on-premise tools like laser cutters, workplace safety becomes extremely important.

 Tinkertanker ensures that every intern is briefed of do’s & don’ts before they are allowed to operate the machines. Right from the beginning of their internship, Tinkertanker senior staff will conduct in-person briefings which includes a walk around the office highlighting areas to be watchful of such as the fire exits.

All relevant onboarding training content is stored on Tinkertanker’s internal wiki page for interns’ reference and ArcLab Nano learning modules are then introduced to assess interns’ understanding of the briefings through ArcLab’s assessment screens before they are allowed to operate with the work tools.  This ensures that all interns are on-boarded to the company’s safety culture so they can learn and work safely and effectively.

Case Study: Mini Monsters

Mini Monsters Limited is an award-winning education and media company, offering interesting and fun approaches to teaching the Malay language and has worked with schools all over Singapore (pre-school, primary & secondary) as well as staged full-scale public performances and productions in world-class values. Mini Monsters’ motto “Berhibur dan Belajar” (Entertain and Educate) sums up the company’s philosophy in its approach of developing educational materials, courses and syllabus that are relevant to today’s children.

In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, Mini Monsters launched their flagship programme MonSTARS TV, supported by Singapore’s National Heritage Board, innovating bilingual (Malay-English) digital content for children that amalgamates education and entertainment.

Mini Monsters implements ArcLab’s Nano learning modules as unique learning components where children can participate in completing a series of Malay language exercises. Assessments in KUIZ and PINTAR BAHASA are formative and summative in nature whilst assisting parents who are keen to learn alongside their children.