Logistics & Supply-Chain
Onboarding, Training & Digital SOPs

Mobile Training & Digital SOPs for the Logistics Sector

Easily onboard, train & upskill your workers along the entire Supply Chain. 

From warehouse pickers & packers to delivery drivers and courier riders who are always on the move – easily create, distribute & track training, sent directly to their mobile devices.

Anytime. Anywhere. Any Language.


Align your workers from Day 1, whether they’re part of your warehouse crew, or transportation fleet. 

Send Digital Onboarding packs directly to your workers’ mobile phones – so they know from the very onset where to go, who to report to, what tasks they are responsible for.


Provide training that is easily accessible for all your workers, who do not work in fixed locations and on fixed schedules.

Easily create training in any operations area (e.g. Workplace Safety & Health). Send modules directly to workers’ mobile phones – that they can access and upskill in their own time.


In the fast-changing logistics industry, Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) can change from time-to-time.

Be it Picking and Packing Procedures, Delivery Dos & Dont’s, Safety Practices in Warehouses and on the road – Digitalise your SOPs, and keep them current & accessible by your workers at all times, hassle-free.


Create inclusive training.

For your workers who may not be that comfortable in English, ArcLab’s AI-assisted translation feature empowers you to create modules in multiple languages, with the click of a button.

Your workers can consume training in their native languages.

Training for Occupational Progressive Wages

Training is a key pillar of Singapore’s Occupational Progressive Wages (“OPW”) which apply to ALL firms who employ full-time or parti-time employees in Driver and Administrator roles on a contract of service and hire foreign workers. This applies to firms in the Logistics sector (wef 1 March 2023).

Employers must ensure that your Singapore citizen & Permanent Resident Drivers & Administrators meet the OPW training requirements, which are:

1. At least 1 Workforce Skills Qualification (“WSQ”) Statement of Attainment (no restrictions on any WSQ course), or

2. An in-house Training Programme.

Employers must be able to show supporting documentation on their in-house training programme and records of workers who attended the trainings – when required.

ArcLab offers a simple and effective way for logistics firms to put in place a training programme for your Drivers & Administrators.