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Assigning Learners to Folders

After adding the learners on your Learners Dashboard, assign them to specific folders to grant them access.

1. On your Project Dashboard, mouseover the ellipsis icon beside the specific folder (learn how you can create a folder here), then click Manage Learners.

2. Click Manage Learners, then select the respective learners using the checkbox. You may also use the Search Bar to search for specific learners. Once done, click on Update.

3. You can also assign learner groups by clicking on Manage Learner Groups, then select the respective learner groups using the checkbox. You can select All Learners to assign all learners that have been added on your Learners Dashboard to the folder. You may also use the Search Bar to search for specific learner groups. Once done, click on Update.

4. To unassign or remove learners/learner groups’ access rights to the folder, you may click on the delete icon, or click on Manage Learners or Manage Learner Groups, then uncheck the learners or learner groups respectively. 

⚠️ Note: Learners’ completion progress will still be retained if they are unassigned/removed and later re-assigned to the module. 

5. Once done, you may proceed to send an invitation to the select learners/learner groups or click on Done.

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