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WHY | ArcLab Commentary on Training & Learning

Higher Wages. At What Cost?

Higher wages. At what cost? A few years ago, our girls’ kindergarten informed parents they would have to increase school […]

Lessons from Lasso

Lessons from Lasso The English Premier League (“EPL”) is the world’s most-watched professional football league. Manchester United and Liverpool have […]

Managing a Deskless Workforce to Success

Managing a Deskless Workforce to Success Editor’s note: ArcLab works alongside Work Tech platforms to help businesses better manage workforces, […]

Lessons from LKY

Lessons from LKY I wonder what LKY would have said about my point to promote manufacturing in Singapore, if our […]

Arts, Sciences & Humans

Arts, Sciences & Humans Many writers have published their “2020 in reflection” articles. Most wrote about COVID-19. For my “2020 […]

#WFH isn’t for everyone

WFH isn’t for everyone With contributions from Edwin of PowerAbsolut and Justina for Edugrow for Brighter Tomorrows 7 Feb 2020 […]

The Grades Matter

The Grades Matter There is chatter about how grades don’t matter; that perhaps we should move away from awarding marks […]

Size Matters

Size Matters Interactive Nano* Learning is small but POWERFUL learning. (*Nano: 1 billionth (1/1000,000,000) a.k.a. bite-sized, digestible, very small) In […]

INTERACTIVE nano learning

INTERACTIVE nano learning “Tell me & I forget. Teach me & I may remember. INVOLVE me & I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin […]

HOW | ArcLab Use Cases & Mobile Learning

Retail’s digital tsunami strikes

Retail’s digital tsunami strikes COVID-19 forced many industries to pivot to digital, and pivot quickly. The retail industry is no […]

5 tips for remote onboarding

5 tips for remote onboarding The move to remote work has been a long and winding path for workers worldwide. […]

The COVID-normal Retailer

The COVID-normal Retailer COVID-19 hit retailers hard last year. Circuit Breakers / Movement Control Orders & lockdowns in general forced […]

A digital HR experience

A digital HR experience In our new COVID-normal world, companies are working to adapt and pivot their businesses. Significant changes […]

How ArcLab uses ArcLab

How ArcLab uses ArcLab I often get asked “How does ArcLab use ArcLab?” Great question! We’re in the privileged position […]

“Have you washed your hands?”

“Have you washed your hands?” For food & beverage operators, poor hygiene and food handling practices can lead to mass […]

The Colour Orange

The Colour Orange As we continue to battle the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the Singapore Government moved its disease outbreak […]

WHAT | ArcLab platform & More

Discover ArcLab Discover

Discover ArcLab Discover Not a typo 😀. We’re just excited to introduce ArcLab Discover 🧭 Since we launched ArcLab, we’ve […]

The problem with free software

The problem with free software with Steven Chan — CTO, ArcLab & Co-founder, Tinkertanker The best things in life are free: Parents’ […]

ArcLab Dev Update — What’s New?

ArcLab Dev Update — What’s New? Editor’s Note: Last month, Joanna interviewed Claire, our former dev intern so instrumental in assisting CTO […]

WHO | People of ArcLab

Is the Skills Debate Academic?

Is the Skills Debate Academic? Employers are always on the lookout for prospective hires with skills for the job at […]

My Intern Experience @ ArcLab

My Intern Experience @ ArcLab Editor’s Note: Joanna is our first marketing student intern from Singapore Polytechnic School of Business. […]

#WFH as an ArcLab Intern

WFH as an ArcLab Intern Editor’s note: ArcLab is privileged to work closely with Singapore Polytechnic (“SP”). In March 2020, […]

The story of a Teacher

The story of a Teacher I first met Mr Liang when I was in Primary 5 (6th grade by K-12 […]