Workplace Safety Mobile Training & Guidelines for Construction Workers

Digitally Transform the Built Environment Sector

At the heart of Contractor work, we believe that proper Safety Training & Guidelines is at the core of your business. With ArcLab, employers can ensure proper Safety Management, Train & Upskill your construction workers through Mobile Training.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Language.


We owe it to every worker to provide them with a safe environment to work in. Have your workers updated with the latest safety protocol through your Digital SOPs sent directly to their mobile phones in their preferred language. No app required.



As technology advances, operations procedures will continue to change. Train your workers on proper protocols that must be implemented at every job site regularly with our modules. Build a productive workforce with ArcLab.



Create meaningful tests and assessments to analyze your workers‘ progress. Have an overall analytics snapshot of your learner’s learning journey. Effective data inputs can give employers insights into the knowledge and skills gaps that employers can quickly rectify. Easily generate analytics reports for compliance submissions and audits.


Create inclusive training.

Our AI-assisted translation feature empowers you to create training modules in multiple languages so your workers can learn in their native languages.

Woh Hup's Experience

Woh Hup is one of Singapore’s largest construction and civil engineering firms. As they continually seek to spearhead cutting-edge, innovation-building solutions. They have also pushed to be at the forefront of digital transformation in upskilling their workers with ArcLab’s platform – delivering training modules in their workers’ native languages. 

We owe it to every worker to create a safe working environment. Get everyone up-to-date with the safety guidelines
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Fast & Easy way to disseminate new info to every worker. Anywhere, in any language.
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Track your worker's progress and provide checkpoints to chart their learning journey
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Training for Occupational Progressive Wages

Training is a key pillar of Singapore’s Occupational Progressive Wages (“OPW”) which apply to ALL firms who employ full-time or part-time employees in Driver and Administrator roles on a contract of service and hire foreign workers. This applies to firms in the Construction sector (wef 1 March 2023).

Employers must ensure that your Singapore citizen & Permanent Resident Drivers & Administrators meet the OPW training requirements, which are:

1. At least 1 Workforce Skills Qualification (“WSQ”) Statement of Attainment (no restrictions on any WSQ course), or

2. An in-house Training Programme.

Employers must be able to show supporting documentation on their in-house training programme and records of workers who attended the trainings – when required.

ArcLab offers a simple and effective way for construction firms to put in place a training programme for your Drivers & Administrators.