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Creating Nano Learning is FREE with ArcLab

ArcLab Basic


For anyone starting out with Nano Learning & Mobile / E-Learning

  • Basic content & Screen Types
  • Limited Modules
  • Basic Dashboard
  • ​Aggregated Learner Analytics Data
  • Public Learners Only

ArcLab PRO

[$4 / Learner / Month] 
(Billed Annually. Discounts for >200 learners)

For L&D Managers and Training Managers creating your own workplace learning

  • Unlimited Nano Learning Modules
  • Full Content and Screen Types (including Assessments)
  • Full Rich Media Asset Libraries
  • Upload your own Videos
  • Full Dashboard & Notifications
  • Individual & Aggregated Learner Analytics Data
  • Private and Public Learner Community (restrict training content to specific learners)
  • Work Seamlessly with your existing HRMS/LMS​​

​<14 cents per staff per day!


ArcLab Enterprise

[Contact us for pricing]

Our Learning Designers Help Craft Your Nano Learning Modules

  • Everything in ArcLab PRO +
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Learning Design
  • Administrator Training

All in a single fee package

Alternative Pay-As-You-Go Subscriptions for ArcLab Pro
If you’re not yet able to commit to an annual number of learners, we welcome you to sign up for our Pay-as-you-Go subscription plan, at $5 per Unique Active Learner per Month. 

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • Month 1: 10 Unique Active Learners accessed 2 modules each. Total Subscription = $5 x 10 $50
  • Month 2No Active Learners. Total Subscription = $5 x 0 = $0 
  • Month 3100 Unique Active Learners accessed 10 modules each. Total Subscription = $5 x 100 = $500

(that’s 50 cents per learning module; less than a cup of coffee!)

Learn more at:

Unique Active Learner is an identifiable individual who accesses your Nano Learning content. ArcLab currently uses e-mail addresses and phone numbers to identify individual learners and attribute usage. All instances of content access by learners with this identity is tagged under the individual. So you never pay for repeated access. In fact, you get a proxy indicator for that individual’s hard work!

n/b – Anonymous users who access your public modules do not count towards your bill. However, do note that these modules are accessible to everyone, so don’t include confidential content within!

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