ArcLab Nano Learning
For F&B Businesses

F&B Businesses

F&B businesses can improve workforce productivity through Mobile Learning as training and delivering SOPs can now be fast and easy.

“ArcLab online modules, which are delivered in staff’s native language or dialect, are easy to understand as well as encouraging. They are able to access the modules on their mobile at work without needing to install anything.”

Ms Elaine Siow – Head Of Learning & Development, Fei Siong Group

Deskless Workforce Friendly

Continuously training new hires and delivering SOPs can be difficult and time consuming, and difficult for Deskless Workers. ArcLab’s Nano learning modules are a fast and easy learner-friendly solution, allowing for a much more pleasant experience for all. Consistent information can now be delivered to any number of employees across different locations and in various languages with the use of ArcLab’s SmartTranslate feature. 

Fei Siong Group's Experience

Fei Siong Group, one of Singapore’s largest casual dining and quick-service restaurant companies with 15 brands (including Encik Tan, Malaysia Boleh, EAT etc.) and over 150 outlets, use ArcLab’s learning software to make training faster and easier for their workforce. ArcLab’s focus on building a platform for the Deskless Workforce provides Fei Siong Group with a fuss-free yet powerful authoring platform to create simple modules & test for learners’ understanding through quizzes. Staff do not need to download an app to access the modules, reducing user friction tremendously.

Flexibility Is Key

ArcLab Nano learning modules are flexible in its function. Some other ways F&B businesses utilise ArcLab include delivering customer service trainings, making visitor health declarations, staff appraisals and more.

Food Hygiene Training Modules