ArcLab Nano Learning Platform

Use ArcLab within your existing HRMS / LMS. No software to install or download, no coding required.

Input Your Own Content

Choose from existing, ready-made templates or input your own training content into your training modules. We give you the ability to create your own training programmes that is suited for your staff. 

Smart Translate

ArcLab Smart Translate has helped Construction companies (i.e Woh Hup) & companies with workers speaking in different languages, create & deliver training content in the preferred language of their workers with just a click of a button.

Ease Of Using ArcLab

ArcLab’s user interface is easy to understand, allowing you to prepare training materials in less than a day. ArcLab is created specially for Blue-collar workers and can help your organisation create effective learning whilst saving cost and time.

Here Is An Example Of A Module

Customisable Design

Personalise your Nano Learning Modules

Visuals & Rich Media

Engage your learners with Rich Media

Learner Assessment

Access your learners’ understanding through ArcLab’s Extensive Assessment Templates: 


Accredit your learners for attaining proficiency


Secure access to your learning modules

Learner Analytics

With ArcLab you can: