ArcLab Nano Learning Platform

Extensive learning templates, design customisability, advanced learner analytics and Nano Credentials to help your team onboard and upskill effectively

Easy to Create

Easy to Train

Easy to Track

Track your learners' progress effectively with ArcLab Nano Learning features

Customisable Design

Customise your Nano learning modules.

Apply individual Design Themes, backgrounds, fonts, colours etc.

Make your learning modules fit your Organisation branding – increasing familiarity for your workforce.

Visuals & Rich Media

Engage your learners through Rich Media.

Images, infographics and training videos that you can upload from your computer.

Also access a wide range of Stock photos, and embed videos from external sources like Youtube, Vimeo. ​

Learner Assessment

Access your learners’ understanding through ArcLab’s Extensive Assessment Templates:

Multiple Choice Questions & Open-Ended Questions
Add Explanations to provide immediate individualised feedback

Polls & Ratings
Use Polls & Likert Scale Screens to get learners’ preferences and views


Accredit your learners for attaining proficiency.

Award NanoCredentials (Digital Badges) to learners who pass / complete modules.

Use your organisation’s logo and e-signature. 


Secure access to your learning modules.

Send unique logins directly to employees, without the need for an app.

ArcLab learning modules are secure unique web-links that can be  incorporated easily into your organisation’s existing LMS or intranet (via i-frame). No integration or installation needed whatsover.

Learner Analytics

Analyse your team’s learning.

Track their progress to help them learn better and deliver better work performance.

Link ArcLab Learning Analytics to your existing HRMS / LMS, or download your data for further analysis. 

Time for Action

Help your team reach their full potential with Nano Learning