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In the past few years, the retail industry has seen a shift from offline stores to digitalisation and e-commerce.

COVID-19 has accelerated that tsunami.

With a decrease in the number of consumers visiting physical retail stores and an increase of online shoppers – Retailers MUST embrace digital.

Use ArcLab to smoothen your retail business’ transition from offline to online.

Augment your training with ArcLab

Following the trend of “going digital”, companies are doing away with physical onboarding and training of staff.

Use ArcLab to deliver Training and Standard Operating Procedures to staff, digitally & fuss-free.

Customer service plays a big role in the retail industry. Use & adapt ArcLab’s Customer Service 101

Use ArcLab to smoothen customer processes.

Customer Newsletter

Keep your customers up to date with the latest deals and discounts, without spamming them with several newsletters. Collate them into one neat digital booklet with ArcLab. Easy to browse – your customers will appreciate it!

Customer Feedback

Forget Pen-and-paper feedback forms. Add this template to your dashboard, edit it to your brand and print the QR code for customers to give feedback to help improve your operations.

COVID-19 Visitor Declaration

Safety doesn’t have to stop with Safe Entry. Ditch your manual health declaration procedures and stay contactless with ArcLab. Simply get your visitors to scan a QR code to complete their declarations digitally and our system will automatically help you to store the necessary records all in one place for you. Save your own time and resources, and play a part to limit the spread of the virus!

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