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Platform Interface

Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is the first page that you will see upon creating or logging in to your ArcLab account. This is where you manage your ArcLab projects/modules.


The Editor is where all the magic happens! This is where you edit and manage your project/module settings. 

1. Search for existing modules

2. Create new module

3. View all published & draft modules

4. View all folders

5. Sort modules by alphabetical order or last updated

6. Manage account settings, View user guide, Log out of account

7. Preview module

8. View published module

9. Edit module

10. View analytics for module

11. Copy published module link

12. Duplicate, Delete, or Move module into a folder

13. Navigate dashboard pages 

14. Live chat support

1. Screen preview thumbnail

2. Add new screen to module

3. Manage module settings

4. Apply SmartTranslate to module

5. Navigate, Export, Duplicate, or Delete screen

6. Save module

7. View published module

8. View analytics for module


9. Copy published module link

10. Preview module

11. Publish, Unpublish, Restore last published version of module

12. Configure screen specific settings

13. Customise theme, colours, font types, and logo for module

14. Live chat support


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