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Creating Folders

⚠️ Note: Authorised learners in folders will override all authorised learners in your individual modules (i.e. learners will lose their completion status and access to the module). Please exercise caution when moving “live” modules with authorised learners into new or existing folders.

1. On your Project Dashboard, mouseover the ellipsis icon of the project/module that you wish to move into a folder, then click Move to Folder.

2. Click + Add to a New Folder.

3. Enter the desired name for your folder (your learners will see this name as the title of their folder), then click the green tick button.

4. Your new folder will appear under the Folders panel on the leftmost column of your Project Dashboard.

5. To add more projects/modules into existing folders, mouseover the ellipsis icon of the project/module, then click Move to Folder. Select the folder to move your project/module into, then click Move.

6. To remove projects/modules from folders, mouseover the ellipsis icon of the project/module, then click Remove from Folder.

⚠️ Note: New published modules added to live folders with existing learners will be automatically reflected on your learners’ dashboard. Published modules that are removed will also no longer be visible & accessible on your learners’ dashboard.

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