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Sending Learner Invitations

After assigning learners to your modules/folders, you can send an invitation message directly to their mobile devices by Email or SMS for them to access the modules/folders. This invitation message contains a unique magic link (passwordless login) that directs them to the module or to their personal learner’s dashboard (i.e. folder). There is no need for learners to download any additional apps on their mobile devices or log in with any learner accounts to access their modules or dashboard.

💡Tip: Learners can favorite or bookmark the weblink of their modules or learner’s dashboard for easier access in the future. 

1. After assigning learners to your modules/folders on your Manage Learners menu, select the learners/learner groups that you want to send the invitations to using the checkbox. 

2. If you’re sharing a folder, check that all modules in the folder have been published. Your learners will not be able to view and access any modules that are not yet published.

3. Next, click Invite Learners.

4. Add an optional custom message (max. 150 characters). Your custom message will appear together in the invitation message that learners will receive in their Email or SMS. 

5. Once you’re ready, click on Invite

⚠ Note: Invitations once sent cannot be recalled. Please double check your learner information and message before clicking on Invite.

6. Your learners will receive the invitation message shortly via Email or SMS. 

Security feature
ArcLab’s secure links are personalised for each learner. 

Forwarding the link to another learner and having the URL open on different devices will log the learner out.

This makes it difficult for learners to send their access link to another person to complete the module or assessment on his/her behalf, or sharing company information with unauthorised personnel.

For added security, consider Geofencing your module.

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