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Learner Invitation Status

Under the Status column of your Manage Learners menu, you can view the invitation and completion statuses of each learner who are assigned to your module/folder. The screenshot above is an example of what you can expect to see on your own Manage Learners menu. Here’s a quick explanation to what each of the status description means:

1. Invitation has not been sent to the learner.

2. Learner has completed a total of 1 out of 4 published modules in the folder. 

3. Invitation has been successfully sent to the learner on the specified date and time. 

4. Invitation is in the queue, ready to be sent but has not yet been sent. Depending on the number of learners who are receiving the invitations, invitations may be queued from a few seconds to minutes before they are sent through the system. For scheduled invitations, invitations will be queued for sending on the specified date and time. 

💡Tip: You can click on the Status column header to sort your learners/learner groups by their invitation/completion statuses. 

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