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Word Unscramble Screen

The Word Unscramble screen enables your learners to rearrange and solve scrambled words to form the correct words or phrases. You can use it to gamify learners’ assessment and create more engagement for them!

1. Display Media. Toggle Yes/No to enable media display on your screen.

2. Make Media Full Screen. Toggle Yes/No to enable full screen display of your media.

3. Time Limit. Toggle Yes/No to set a time limit (in seconds) to your question.

4. Max AttemptsSet the maximum number of attempts permitted (up to 6) using the slider. 

5. Include Extra Letters. Toggle Yes/No to increase the number of letters in the pool of scrambled words to up the challenge for your learners.

6. Correct Answer. Enter the correct answer/word. 

7. Answer Explanations. Add answer explanation to the correct or wrong answers indicated by learners to facilitate learning. 

8. Question Tag. Add a label or classification to your question for a more detailed profiling of your learners’ performance – illustrated by a radar chart in your Module Analytics dashboard. Learn more about question tagging in our Question Tags article. 

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