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What are Question Tags?

Question Tags are labels or classifications that you assign to the questions on your ArcLab modules. WITH Question Tags, you can quickly obtain a detailed profile of your learners’ performance – as illustrated by the radar chart on your Module Analytics dashboard. Here’s an example here below:

As depicted in the picture above, the radar chart on the Module Analytics dashboard visually displays your learners’ average performance (%) across several dimensions. Each dimension is represented by the question tags that you assigned to the quiz/assessment questions in your module. 

The closer a plot on the axis is to the outermost grid of your chart, the better your learners are performing on that particular dimension. For example, the radar chart above tells us that our learners are performing better on the dimensions of “Body language” and “Order taking” (i.e. body language and order taking type questions) relative to “Greeting” and “Upselling“. Using this visual information, you can quickly identify your learners’ strengths and weaknesses – to better plan and design the suitable remedial trainings for them.

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