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Adding Text to your Module

Add and edit your text in the designated text fields of your module screen. What you see will be exactly what your learners will be looking at on their learning devices too. 

You can also add text of a different language by simply changing your computer’s keyboard’s language.

Emojis are supported too! ✌️ 

Text styling. Highlight the specific characters or phrases of your text to bring up the text styling menu to BoldItaliciseUnderline or insert Hyperlinks. You may also use your keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ctrl + b). 

Font size & alignment. Configure the font size and text alignment under the Screen Settings panel on the right side of your Editor.

Font style & colour. Font style and colour of your text can be changed from the Design tab on the bottom right of your Editor. Check out the Design and Themes article to learn more. 

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