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What is the technology behind ArcLab SmartTransform?

ArcLab SmartTransform is powered by OpenAI – utilising artificial intelligence to assist you to create your ArcLab modules in a matter of minutes, saving you time & effort.

We currently offer 2 methods that you can use to employ AI to assist you in your module creation:

1. Upload a Powerpoint file (.pptx format), and SmartTransform converts text and media in the file into an ArcLab module. Select “Let ArcLab AI work its magic” for the AI (GPT-3.5) to summarise your Powerpoint deck’s content into even more digestible bite-sized module content that is easy for your learners to consume.

2. Generate using Text Prompt, where SmartTransform uses your prompt instructions to generate an ArcLab module for you, drawing on ChatGPT as a foundational technology.

*Important note: AI doesn’t replace you as the Learning Designer! Both methods allow you to continue to refine and modify the generated ArcLab module to best suit the learning objective you seek to achieve.

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