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What happens if there are excess learners from my committed number of learners subscriptions under my Annual plan or Flex-Learners purchased?

Any excess learners for the particular month will be billed under the Monthly pricing level on the 1st of the following month. Bulk discounts will apply, if applicable. 

Bills for above-plan learners, if any, are sent the following month.


You purchase an Annual Plan for 1,000 committed learners for Jan – Dec 2023.
This is billed upfront at US$2.50 x 1,000 x 12 = US$30,000.

Jan: Number of learners = 1,000
Within Annual Plan committed number of learners – nothing is billed

Feb: Number of learners = 1,008
Above-plan learners = 1,008 – 1,000 = 8
Bill for above-plan learners = 8 x US$5 = US$40

Mar: Number of learners = 1,333
Above-plan learners = 1,333 – 1,000 = 333
Bill for above-plan learners = 333 x US $4.50 (falls into 200-499 discount tier) = US$1,498.50


ArcLab pricing details can be found at: https://arclab.io/knowledge-base/pricing

*All pricing is in USD


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