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What is ArcLab Discover?

ArcLab Discover is a community space that boasts a growing collection of module templates spanning across various industries and use cases. Whether you’re looking to get started or to do more with ArcLab, ArcLab Discover is here to help you save more than 50% of your module creation time and to maximise the full capabilities of the platform!

Browse and review any template that suits you or your organisation’s needs. Remix them into your own project dashboard and adapt the content to the specifics that fit your organisation or workforce.

Navigating ArcLab Discover

1. Click the Discover tab on the top left corner of your project dashboard or go to arclab.io/discover directly.

2. Click on the respective menu categories located at the top of the Discover page to browse the various categories of module templates.

3. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the centre of the module thumbnail to view the module and/or description.

Remixing Templates

1. Click on USE TEMPLATE.

2. On your editor, rename the module, edit the content & design, and/or configure the module settings to your own needs

⚠️ Note: Modules remixed from ArcLab Discover are public by default. Please change the project privacy status to private if you wish to restrict the module access to your authorised learners only. 


Modules remixed from ArcLab Discover are public by default. Change the project privacy status to private first before you can start adding authorised learners to your remixed module.

We are working hard to bring you more templates on ArcLab Discover! Contact our learning designers at growth@arclab.io if you can’t find a template that you’re looking for. 

Most definitely! We welcome all forms of contributions at growth@arclab.io. Thank you for helping us grow the community! 🤗

Yes. Training providers can host their micro-courses or modular content on ArcLab Discover. Reach us at growth@arclab.io for more information.

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