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Schedule Learner Invitations

You can schedule your learner invitations to send at a later time & day. Your invitations will be sent based on the timezone you schedule them in.

1. After assigning learners to your modules/folders on your Manage Learners menu, select the learners/learner groups that you want to send the scheduled invitations to using the checkbox. 

2. Click the dropdown menu beside Invite Learners, then click Schedule Invite.

3. Pick and enter your desired date and time for the learner invitations to be sent. Then, click Confirm.

4. Add an optional custom message (max. 150 characters). Your custom message will appear together in the invitation message that learners will receive in their Email or SMS. 

5. Once you’re ready, click on Queue InviteYour learner invitation will be sent via Email or SMS on the scheduled date and time. 

6. You can clear or undo a scheduled invitation by going back to the dropdown menu beside Invite Learners, then click Clear Scheduled Invite.

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