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Multiple Select Question Screen

The Multiple Select Question screen enables your learners to select one or more  options from a set of options you provide. Similar to the Multiple-Choice Question screen, you can use it to collect polls and/or to assess your learners’ understanding.

1. Display Media. Toggle Yes/No to enable media display on your screen.

2. Question TypeToggle Quiz/Poll to switch between a quiz or a poll type question. A poll type question will have no correct answer, answer explanation(s), retries and display hint, and score computed. 

3. Time Limit. Toggle Yes/No to set a time limit (in seconds) to your question.

4. Number of Options. Toggle 3/4/5/to set the number of options to display to your learners. 

5. Correct Answer. Set the correct answer(s) based on the options presented to your question.

6. Answer Explanations. Add answer explanation to the correct or wrong options selected by learners to facilitate learning. 

7. Allow Retries and Display Hint. Toggle Yes/No to enable your learners to retry the question and/or to display a hint to prompt them towards the correct answer(s). Set the maximum number of attempts permitted (up to 6) using the slider and add the hint (optional) that will be presented whenever your learners select the wrong option(s).

8. Display Percentage. Toggle Yes/No to display the percentage of learners who have responded to each option presented. 

9. Question Tag. Add a label or classification to your question for a more detailed profiling of your learners’ performance – illustrated by a radar chart in your Module Analytics dashboard. Learn more about question tagging in our Question Tags article.

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