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Introduction to ArcLab

What is ArcLab?

ArcLab is a web-based mobile learning authoring platform – built for the Deskless Workforce. ArcLab empowers organisations like yours to easily create and deliver on-demand, bite-sized, mobile training & digital SOPs to employees Anytime, Anywhere, In Any Language. No software or mobile apps to install, no coding required! 

How to Use ArcLab?

If you can use PowerPoint, you can use ArcLab! ArcLab’s PowerPoint-esque interface is equipped with simple & intuitive tools that are designed to help you build your training content, fuss-free. 

Easily deliver your training modules (check out a sample ArcLab module here) straight to your learners’ mobile devices via email or SMS and track their progress and performance on your Learner Analytics dashboard to help them learn better and deliver better work performances.

Head to our ArcLab Builder to try it yourself now (best viewed on your desktop web browser)!

Why Use ArcLab?

ArcLab is the leading Nano Learning platform in Singapore, powering the learning of organisations in various industries including F&B, retail, hospitality, construction, and many more. ArcLab offers extensive content templates, design customizability, and advanced learner analytics so that you can help your team onboard, train, and upskill effectively.

Who Uses ArcLab?

Trainers, HR, L&D, & Operations team use ArcLab to onboard their new hires, deliver Just-In-Time training, On-the-job performance support, company SOPs, and memos & circulars. Visit ArcLab Discover to find out the many more use cases by our users!

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