How to train your staff effectively

sabrina k

sabrina k

How to train your staff effectively? Featuring Fei Siong Group’s 50% time savings

Staff development is a crucial aspect in ensuring continual growth for the company. Without opportunities for growth or continual skills upgrading through training, we are building employee frustration resulting in lower employee retention. Staff who leave the company need to be replaced and retrained, essentially stunting the advancement of our business.

Why should we emphasise on staff development?

Staff development is crucial to equip our staff with the skills they need to produce more effectively for our business. It creates a positive environment with a learning culture where companies help their workers, regardless of age, level up their skill sets. It also helps our workers adapt to the ever changing business environment brought about by digitalisation and automation. 

Changing business needs means companies must quickly and efficiently communicate such changes to your staff, and upskill them to adapt quickly to these changes. By providing the support your staff require, companies can build employee satisfaction in the long run resulting in higher satisfaction levels, productivity and lower staff attrition.

Things change more quickly in customer-facing businesses. Staff need to provide fast service when dealing with customers and also in learning and picking up new skills. Hence, there is a need for fast and easy training. 

However, businesses with Deskless Workers may find it harder to achieve this. The business not only has to figure out how they can deliver training quickly and effectively but must also consider the different learning needs of each worker, their work environments, and the large number of workers that they need to train, often in multiple locations.

What do different learning needs refer to?

Different learning needs of Frontline Workers may include their:

  • Educational background
  • Their age
  • Their most comfortable spoken language, which may not be English
  • Accessibility to training materials
  • Information processing speed and more

All these affect training as now training has to be altered to cater to these needs. For example, for our workers who do not speak English, we have to ensure that we have trainers who speak the same language as our workers and that the training material is in the staff’s proficient language. 

Another example is that some of our workers may not be as quick in learning as others perhaps due to age or other factors and may require more time to pick up new information and skill. This suggests training material must be crafted in an easily-understandable format, such as using pictures and videos. 

Many other issues add on to the time consuming process of training for industries with blue collar workers, such as the current method of training which is by conducting in-person training and the manual tracking of training progress.

What can your business do to better support our Deskless Workers?

You might be asking yourself this question; Is there a one-stop solution to train your workers more effectively whilst overcoming the limitations your company faces and meeting your workers’ learning needs?

Yes, there is. 

ArcLab is an SaaS platform that we built to meet the different learning needs of Deskless Workers. With ArcLab, you can deliver fast and easy training that is suitable for workers of all ages, in multiple languages and does not even require your workers to download any apps. ArcLab solves your problems when it comes to training your Frontline Workers. With ArcLab, you can deliver effective training and drive your business for productivity and profitability at the same time, through a skilled and competent workforce.

Let us look at Fei Siong Group's training experience

Fei Siong Group is one of Singapore’s casual and quick service restaurant company with 19 famous brands such as Encik Tan, Malaysia Boleh and more. With over 150 outlets, Fei Siong Group workers consist of the young and old, English speaking to dialect speaking workers and yet they manage to run consistent and non time consuming training for every new hire. Since adapting their training plans into ArcLab’s Nano learning modules, Fei Siong Group has achieved 50% time savings and close to 50% increase in productivity with a decrease of 23% in trainers manual workload.

Scan or click here to see ArcLab in action

What does this mean for your business?

Training your workers using ArcLab is fast, easy and less taxing on their trainers and learners. 

With the use of the ArcLab mobile learning software, employee learning experience also becomes more positive as every staff has access to the latest training materials all on their phones and this becomes an initiative to help workers adapt to digital means. Overall, every staff is being provided with better support and an increase in employee engagement. 

It doesn’t end here. Following training, you are able to assess employee performance through assessing the learner analytics function to look out for employees who may require more help in their training. This enables your L & D team to focus on providing quality training content instead of spending time on training preparation. With this, you can now support your Deskless Workforce through better and effective training, effectively increasing your business productivity and profitability at the same time.


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