How to Onboard & Orientate your Deskless Workforce? – A Fast & Easy Way

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Jie Ying

Jie Ying

Summary: Employee onboarding is an important process for employers to welcome and orientate new hires and to set them up for success. In this article, we share a fast and easy way for businesses to successfully integrate your new workers.

Happy 2022! It is a new year with new business goals and most probably new hires which you need to onboard properly.

Some time ago, we published a blog post on 5 tips for remote onboarding, outlining many ways that employers can welcome your new workers and keep them engaged. Our post today centres it back to the Deskless workforce that ArcLab can help your business onboard & upskill – fast and easy.

Strategise onboarding with a digital plan

At ArcLab, we understand the challenges faced by employers as you orientate and welcome new staff into your company. And one of the biggest challenges we’ve heard from our customers is that:

“We need fast and easy training to get our workers up to speed, so they can hit the ground running. We really don’t have four hours to sit down and deliver training materials.”

Gathering groups of new hires physically into a training room and taking 4-5 hours away from work is simply not feasible in this day and age (especially in a pandemic era). Remote onboarding is the future of work. Employers must have a digital plan. Companies with many deskless & frontline workers want software that helps these workers become more productive and makes their work experience more pleasant. Read our success story with Fei Siong Group.

The goals for digital onboarding and induction programmes are simple: Publish and Communicate.

A great way to achieve this goal in a fast and easy way can be found in our free template here.

If you would like to build your own free module for your workers, make sure you have answers to the following questions:

  • What is the overview of the entire process of onboarding
  • How long will the onboarding process take?
  • Who can they reach out to for questions or technical difficulties?
  • What are the goals from this onboarding process
  • How would you measure their onboarding success?

With the answers you have, you can start designing your own effective module tailored specially for your company and employees’ need. The average time we have seen a module being built from scratch? Less than 15 minutes. Try it for yourself.

Personalise training materials to your employee's preferred language

Increasingly, companies are finding ways to create an inclusive work environment that empowers all employees to reach their fullest potential. This is especially important with today’s diverse workforce.

Having the right training content can be further enhanced when it is delivered in a language that your workers are most comfortable communicating in.

While English is the predominant working language in many countries, language barriers still exist as a problem between workers and managers. Having your training materials translated to your employee’s preferred native language can help your workers better understand your SOPs, work expectations, company direction, and business goals, which can translate into the greater productive output from your workforce.

A fast and easy way to translate your training materials is through technology.

At ArcLab, we deploy AI-assisted translation that allows users to create multiple languages of one module with a simple click of a button.

The total time spent to translate a particular training module into your employee’s preferred language? Less than a minute.

Here’s a quick demo:

Try it and let us know how it goes, we would love to hear if it helps in your organization. If you have any feedback on the improvement – we are all ears, email us at

Use Analytics to track workers’ progress

You can’t manage what you can’t measure” – Peter Drucker.

A clearly defined quantitative objective can prevent businesses from flying blindly and being in a constant state of guessing. And… if you’ve guessed it – time is wasted when we do not have immediate data to work on.

Without clear metrics for successful onboarding, we cannot quantify a learner’s progress and improve to the companies desired outcome. Meaningful data inputs throughout the learner’s onboarding can give employers insights into the knowledge and skills gaps that employers can quickly rectify. Adapting effective usage of analytics to track workers’ progress can save time and money for a company.

In our free-to-download e-book we’ve shared, we found that companies like 4Fingers achieve up to 27 hours of time savings per staff per month!

learners analytics

An effective way for managers to replicate this success is to have a digital onboarding that has an integrated analytics feature. That way managers do not have to painstakingly go through each and every learner’s assessment but can have an overall bird’s eye view of the results.

Assessing your employee’s onboarding process is one of the most important steps to ensure the success of your business. You can start orientating any new hires by building (or using any free templates we have) with ArcLab, disseminating training materials, and accessing assessment analytics. With the insights from these data, you can further implement strategies to better improve your business’s workflow.

Watch: How to build effective onboarding for your Deskless workforce with ArcLab

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