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End Screen

The End screen is a standard screen across all your ArcLab modules. It enables learners to view the total score achieved for a module, retry/return to dashboardnavigate to a different webpage, and/or share the module on their social media platforms – you can configure this under Module Settings > Manage Learners > Share Through Social Media; learn more in our Private vs Public Modules article.

1. Show Current ScoreToggle Yes/No to show cumulative score obtained by the learner on your screen.

2. Show different page to learners with different scores?. Toggle Yes/No to direct learners with different scores to different resources (via weblink) when they click on the Call-to-Action Button on their End screen (e.g. reviewing the basics for those who didn’t do so well, power activities for those who ace-d your module). If toggled No, learners will be directed to the weblink that you entered into your screen preview when they click on the Call-to-Action Button.

3. Allow learners to try again?Toggle Yes/No to allow learners to re-attempt the module. If toggled No, button will be disabled (for individual module invitation) or replaced with a “Return to dashboard” button (for folder invitation). 

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