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Privacy & Preview Settings

You can configure the privacy status & settings of your ArcLab modules and decide whether to restrict module access to only your private learning community (default option) or open it to the public. 

Private vs Public Modules

Private Modules

Modules set to Private can only be accessed by your authorised learners. Unauthorised learners will not be able to access your private modules; be it through the published URL Link, QR Code, or HTML iFrame. 

Public Modules

Modules set to Public can be accessed by anyone in the public. The published URL Link or QR Code can be shared with your learners or the public through various communication channels such as e-mails, chat messengers (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger), or social media platforms. Similarly, the HTML iframe code can be embedded within your webpages or existing HRMS/LMS for public access. 

⚠️ Note: Public modules cannot track the identity of learners attempting your module. You may add a Form screen  for the anonymous learners to enter their particulars.

Privacy Settings

To configure the privacy settings of your module, go to Module Settings (dropdown menu beside project/module title), then click Manage Learners:

1. Set Module Privacy StatusToggle Private/Public to set your project/module’s privacy status. All new project/module’s privacy status is set to Private by default.

2. Share Through Social MediaToggle Enabled/Disabled to enable others to share your module (from the share button at the End screen of your moduleon their social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Option is disabled by default for all new project/modules. 

3. Share as Template. Toggle Enabled/Disabled to enable others to use (remix; from the share button at the End screen of your module) your module as a template on their own ArcLab Builder account. Option is disabled by default for all new project/modules. 

Remember to click Save Changes after configuration for your settings to take effect.

Link Preview Settings

Customise the link preview of your modules when they are shared through various communication channels (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook) and social media. 

To configure the preview settings of your module, go to Module Settings (dropdown menu beside project/module title), then click Preview Settings:

1. Title. Enter the title to be displayed in the link preview.

2. Image. Select the image to be displayed in the link preview; either an ArcLab logo or the first image that is used in your module.

3. Preview. Preview of how your module link will appear when shared over various communication channel & social media. 


Besides sending your private modules directly to your authorised learners’ mobile device (via Email or SMS) in a form of a magic link (passwordless login), your authorised learners can also accessing your private modules through the published URL link or QR code. 

Your authorised learners will first be prompted to enter any one of the following personal details: 1) Email Address, 2) Mobile Number, or 3) Staff/Employee/Student ID. Our system will look up their records/learner details that you’ve uploaded onto your Learner Dashboard and then automatically send a magic link, either via Email or SMS, for them to access the module.

Yes, the privacy status of your published modules can be changed anytime from Private to Public (or vice versa). 

However, note that when your private modules are switched to public, the identity of your learners will no longer be tracked on your Learner Analytics. On the other hand, public modules that are switched to private will no longer be accessible by unauthorised learners/public. 

You may switch your module’s privacy status to Private or Unpublish your module.

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