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Does ArcLab support SCORM?

ArcLab does not support SCORM.

SCORM was the industry standard in the early days of e-learning. A bit issue is SCORM is that authoring & uploading of “learning objects” (SCORM packages) are separate tasks, which means we lose learner progress each time a learning module is updated (in effect replaced with a newer version.

A good way to think about SCORM is Microsoft Word vs Google Doc. If you send a Microsoft Word document to Learner A, and then make a change to the document, you will have to re-sent this new updated Word document to Learner A as his/her original version is outdated. SCORM is like this: cumbersome and not real-time.

On the other hand, Google Doc is in the cloud – you share the document with Learner A. Then you make a change to the Google Doc – Learner A can immediately access the updated version. This is fuss-free, seamless and real-time.

SCORM modules are also less user-friendly to build, and its aesthetics are not pleasing given what modern User Interface has evolved to be.

Here is an independent perspective of SCORM: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/decline-fall-scorm-why-you-should-care-amy-rouse


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