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Bulk Delete Learners

Note: Please refer to our previous ArcLab User Guide if you’re still using the earlier version of the Learner Management System. 

⚠️ Reminder: Learners deleted from your Learners Dashboard will no longer have access to all your private modules/folders. All their completion progress and statuses will also be lost. 

1. Click the Upload button on your Learners Dashboard.

2. Click Download to download an Excel spreadsheet of your existing learners.

3. Perform the bulk/mass deletion on the spreadsheet (check out video tutorial here). Remove learners’ details under ID, Name, Email/Phone, and Groups column. Do not modify or delete the ArcLab ID column. Keep all column headers unchanged.

4. On your Learners Dashboard > Upload, drag & drop or click on the file drop zone to upload your updated Excel spreadsheet. 

5. Check and ensure that the correct learners are removed, then click Confirm.

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