The Ultimate Guide to ArcLab

Ultimate Guide to ArcLab
Jie Ying

Jie Ying

In this comprehensive guide, you will master every Nanolearning toolset available on the ArcLab platform to easily create, distribute and track training for your Deskless workforceAnytime, Anywhere, in Any Language. No coding needed, no app to download.

Keep on reading to understand more on Mobile Training & Nanolearning on ArcLab, or jump ahead to the section that interests you most.

Table of Contents

Introduction to ArcLab

What is ArcLab?

ArcLab is a web-based Mobile Learning & Training platform, we empower companies that use our solution to deliver training and digital SOPs to their deskless workforce with the click of a button, saving them valuable time and cost.

Businesses using ArcLab achieve 50% time savings and productivity increase. Businesses are able to gain more from each worker, and grow their bottom line.

For more information on our platform, check out our Knowledge Base.

Why use ArcLab?

ArcLab is the top Nano Learning platform to empower the deskless workforce in various industries including F&B, Retail, Construction, Non-Profits, Logistics and many more. We provide extensive support through content templates, design customisability, and learner analytics to build your productive workforce.

Who uses ArcLab?

ArcLab serves Training Providers, Human Resource, Learning Design & Operations team. Our used cases vary from Digital Onboarding for New Hires, to training in the flow of work and analytics from on-the-job performance support.

Getting started on your ArcLab journey with this 3 mins video:

For more tips on how to use ArcLab to create the best training for your workforce, check out our Academy.

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