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What is ArcLab SmartTransform?

ArcLab SmartTransform™ employs artificial intelligence (AI) to assist you in creating training modules for your learners in a matter or minutes.

Currently, we offer 2 AI-assisted module creation methods:

Method 1: Upload an existing Microsoft PowerPoint training deck (.pptx file extension) into ArcLab:

ArcLab will use the text & media in your PowerPoint file, and using AI, generate an ArcLab module for you. Here’re the details:

Option 1: Fuss-free
After uploading your PowerPoint file, choose Express Project Creation (green button at the bottom right). ArcLab SmartTransform™ AI will automatically create a module for you. 

We’ll email you when this is done (it’ll take just a minute or so). You can then click into the link in your email to review the module and make any edits desired before publishing.

Option 2: Refine on your own before applying AI
Alternatively, choose Refine Uploaded Document (white/blue button at the bottom). Make any edits to text in specific screens that you like. Also add any image and video files that were extracted from your PowerPoint file – these are listed in the Media Gallery at the bottom of your screen.

Once you’re happy with the draft, click the green “Create Project” button at the bottom right of your screen. ArcLab SmartTransform™ AI engine will get to work (it’ll take just a minute or so, possibly less). 

We’ll send you an email once complete, and you can click into the module URL directly from your email, to review the module and make any edits you like, before publishing the module.

We’ve just saved you 20-30 minutes (at least!) of module creation time, which you can spend on other tasks, or rest…

Method 2: Generate using Text Prompt.

ArcLab will follow your instructions, and SmartTransform™uses AI to generate a module for you. 

Be as specific as you can as you craft your prompt. The more detailed and specific your instructions are, the higher the likelihood that the module is of high standard.

Once you are satisfied with your prompt, click the green “Create” button on the bottom right of your screen. 

The AI engine will then get to work with the process possibly taking up to a minute or two. We’ll send you an email once complete, and you can then click into the module URL to review and edit as you desire.

We’ve just saved you at least 20-30 minutes of module creation time!


*Important note: AI doesn’t replace you as the Instructional Designer or Subject Matter Expert! Both ArcLab Generative-AI module creation methods allow you to continue to refine and modify the generated ArcLab module to best suit the learning objective you seek to achieve

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