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Adding & Removing Question Tag

You can add Question Tags to the following types of quiz/assessment screens: 1) Multiple-Choice Question screen, 2) Multiple Select Question screen, 3) Open-Ended Question screen (with Auto-Grading enabled), and 4) Word Unscramble screen. For 1) Multiple-Choice Question screen, and 2) Multiple Select Question screen, ensure that the Question Type is toggled to Quiz before proceeding.

1. Scroll down to the Question Tag setting under the screen settings panel of your quiz/assessment screen. 

2. Enter the question tag for the particular quiz/assessment question, then click Add. The question tag entered should contain only letters and numbers with no special characters or punctuations.

3. Add more question tags (up to 6 per module) and/or assign questions to its relevant tag by clicking on the respective option button. You can also remove question tags by clicking on the thrash bin icon. 

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