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Subscription & Pricing Plans

Overview of Subscription Plans

ArcLab offers different subscription plans to allow maximum flexibility that suit your company’s needs:

  1. Basic – Free version of ArcLab available for anyone starting out with Nano learning & Mobile / E-Learning.
  2. Pro – For L&D & training managers creating their own workplace learning.
  3. Enterprise – Everything in ArcLab Pro + Learning design services.

Visit our Plans & Pricing page to compare subscription features and plans.

Types of Pricing Plans

1) Monthly Pay-as-you-Go
  • $5 / Unique Active Learner / Month for unlimited modules.
  • Tiered discount for > 200 Unique Active Learners for any particular month.
  • Billed in arrears, the following month.
2) Annual
  • $4 / Learner / Month for unlimited modules.
  • Committed number of learners per month over a period of 12 months.
  • Tiered discount for > 200 learners.
  • Pre-committed annual learner licenses are not tied to any specific learner (i.e. you can flexibly allocate learner licenses to different learners on different months).
  • Billed upfront.
3) Flexi-Learner Wallet
  • $4.50 / Unique Active Learner / Month for unlimited modules.
  • Committed number of learners over a period of 12 months.
  • Tiered discount for > 200 learners.
  • Billed upfront.


Unique Active Learner is an identifiable individual who accessed your Nano Learning content. ArcLab currently uses e-mail addresses and phone numbers to identify individual learners and attribute usage. All instances of content access by learners with this identity is tagged under the individual so you never pay for repeated access. In fact, you get a proxy indicator for that individual’s hard work! 💪

There are no additional GST charges.

Not at all! You will always enjoy the latest updates and features of our platform at no additional costs. Watch out for our product update emails for the latest updates and feature enhancements that we are bringing to you! Sign up here!

Unfortunately, no. For the Annual plan, unused learner licenses for any particular month cannot be carried over to the following month(s). 

There is no minimum number of learners to commit under our Annual or Flexi-Learner Wallet plan.

Any excess learners for the particular month will be billed under the Monthly Pay-as-you-Go pricing on the 1st of the following month. 

For example, if you subscribed for 100 annual committed learners ($4 / Learner / Month), but have 120 active learners for a particular month, the 20 additional learners will be billed at $5 each under the Monthly Pay-as-you-Go pricing (i.e. additional 20 x $5 = $100 for that particular month).

*All pricing is in USD

Drop us an email at growth@arclab.io to cancel your Annual / Flexi-Learner Wallet plan. You will still be able to use ArcLab till the end of the billing period, or convert to our Monthly Pay-as-you-Go plan if you wish to. Unfortunately, there will be no refunds for cancellations before the end of your subscription/billing period. 

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