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Module Navigation

When navigation is enabled, your learners will be able to move back and forward in your module using:
1) Swipe Gesture on their mobile devices,
2) On-Screen Back (<) and Forward (>) buttons, or
3) Back (←) and Forward ( →) buttons on their browser.
When navigation is enabled for your module, learners can also double-check their answers near the end of the module before submitting them.

To enable navigation for your module: 

  1. Go to Module Settings (dropdown menu beside project/module title).
  2. Click Question Settings
  3. Toggle ON/OFF (default) to Enable Navigation.
  4. Click Save Changes after configuration for your setting to take effect.

⚠️ Note: For navigation enabled modules, answers explanations, retries & hints, and question time limit will not be revealed or activated. This is to prevent learners from obtaining an artificially perfect score.

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