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Analytics Report for Builders

Automated analytics report (as a csv file attachment) can be sent to your registered email address and your stakeholders’ email address(es) upon every learner completion or at select intervals. 

To enable automated analytics report for builder/stakeholders:

  1. Go to Module Settings (dropdown menu beside project/module title).
  2. Click Manage Emails
  3. Check or Uncheck (default) Send the completion results to you each time a learner completes a module
  4. Check or Uncheck (default) Send a consolidated report, then select your preferred interval: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Consolidated reports are sent at 0800h Singapore Time (GMT+8h) every day / week (Monday) / month (1st day of the calendar month). 
  5. In the CC: field, enter the email address(es) you would like to share your analytics report with and click enter. Click on the red cross icon to remove any CC’ed email addresses that you’ve entered. 
  6. Click Save Changes after configuration for your setting to take effect.

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