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Editing Translations

Check and make the minor refinements to the auto-translated language(s) where necessary: 

1. Click on the translation icon at the top centre of your Editor, then click Select Translated Version.

2. Select the translated version of your module to edit then click View Translated Version.

3. Make the necessary refinements/edits where necessary. You can change the language of the text you input by changing your computer’s keyboard’s language. 

4. You can switch to another translated version of your module by clicking on the translation icon > Translation: “Language”. Then, select the translated version of then click View Translated Version.

5. You can switch back to the source material (i.e. original version/language of your module) by clicking on the translation icon > Source Material: “Language”

6. Remember to Save and/or Publish your module when you’re done editing the translation(s).

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