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Question Bank

The Question Bank is akin to a repository that store and manage all your questions, organised by category (e.g. topic, difficulty level). When creating Multiple-Choice assessments or quizzes on your ArcLab modules, these questions can be automatically pulled out from your Question Bank to be displayed to your learners – saving you a great deal of time from having to construct them from scratch! To start using the Question Bank feature: 

1. Go to Module Settings (dropdown menu beside project/module title). Then, click Question Settings.

2. Click View Sample Excel Sheet or you may access it directly here.

3. Click File Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

4. Using the template provided, enter the relevant question information into the respective columns accordingly. Keep the headers unchanged & delete the unused columns once you’re done. 

⚠️ Tip: You can categorise or label your questions with multiple tags. These tags provide the specifications on which are the type of questions that you want to display from your Question Bank. 

5. On your Editor > Module Settings > Question Settings, click Upload to upload your completed Excel spreadsheet.

6. Check and ensure that your questions, correct answer options, and tags are correct. Then, click Save Changes.

7. Add a Multiple-Choice Question screen to your module. Then, under Screen Settings, toggle Yes for the option Pull from Question Bank. 

8. Click on the Question Bank Tag(s) to specify the type of question that you want to retrieve and display from your Question Bank. For example, if the Question Bank Tags “Maths” and “Easy” are selected, any questions in your Question Bank that have both tags present will be randomly selected to be displayed for your learners. You can also configure the Time Limit and Display Percentage options for your Multiple-Choice Question accordingly. 

9. Duplicate as many Multiple-Choice Question screens as you desire and then configure Question Bank Tags for each screen accordingly. 

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