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Information Screen

The Information screen is where you display your textual and visual content to your learners. From titles, instructions, descriptions, explanations, to summaries, this will be your go-to screen. 

💡 Tip: Learners learn and respond better to bite-sized information that is short, sharp, and succinct! Avoid packing too much information into your screens/module.

1. Font Size. Select and adjust font size for the text on your screen – from Small, Medium, to Large.

2. Text Alignment. Toggle the text alignment on your screen – left, centre, or right aligned.

3. Show Current Score. Toggle Yes/No to show cumulative score obtained by the learner on your screen.

4. Display Media. Toggle Yes/No to enable media display on your screen.

* Font Size, Text Alignment, and Show Current Score are standard screen configuration settings that are available across all types of screens.

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