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Collaboration and Sharing Modules

Different ArcLab Builders can collaborate on module creation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can create ArcLab modules in your individual ArcLab Builder Account and consolidate into one main account that you use for sending to your learners:

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to your project name
2. Click Manage Learners
3. Toggle Share As Template to “Enabled”
4. Save Changes
5. Publish the project
6. Click and copy project link 
7. Share the link to the colleague manning the main ArcLab account, or login to the main ArcLab account using another browser
8. Open the link shared and go through the project till the final completion page
9.  Click Share
10. Click Remix this module

The module will then be in the main ArcLab account for you to manage. You can edit the Project Name, assign learners etc. as you would if you had created the module in this account in the first place.

Note: We are working on shared access by Builders to collaborate on modules. Stay tuned for this feature drop.

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