What’s new in ArcLab – Everything announced in User Clinic

ArcLab User Clinic March 2022
Jie Ying

Jie Ying

ArcLab is building the world’s simplest training platform for organisations to upskill your deskless workforces.

We are growing our community of forward-thinking practitioners, and gathered folks who are new to ArcLab or have used our mobile training software together to connect, learn and share all the benefits that Nano Learning has brought to them. Thank you for being part of the Mobile Training & Nano Learning community!

The core objective of the User Clinic (ArcLab’s first in 2022!) was to share how our tools can help Learning & Development & HR managers succeed in upskilling and increasing the productivity of their deskless workforce with 50% savings in training time.

In our first User Clinic, we announced a couple of new features to help you create better, more organised, and trackable Training modules with ArcLab. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s everything we debuted. Or you can watch the full recordings below!


ArcLab takes away the problem associated with having to train a diverse group of learners with different language needs and proficiencies. ArcLab’s SmartTranslate helps you translate your original training content into any language with a single click. Your learners can now access the same module and select which language to consume their training in – increasing the inclusivity and accessibility of your training programmes.

Your learners’ data are also consolidated in one place within the same module, even if the modules have been translated to multiple languages. This allows much easier tracking and analysis – as you monitor your staffs’ training and career progression.

How to SmartTranslate?

On your ArcLab editor, head over to the translation icon at the top bar (next to the module title), select the language that you wish to translate your content into. Within seconds, your translated content will be ready to launch and before that, you can make some minor refinements to ensure semantically and grammatically sound language. We don’t impose a limit on the number of translations for each module – so fire away!

ArcLab SmartTranslate

Folder Analytics

Training is never for the sake of training, but for organisations like yours to identify and plug any knowledge or skills gap to achieve better business outcomes.

Training data and analytics becomes an inseparable component. Which is why the ArcLab team constantly strives to improve our analytics features to provide more insight to L&D / HR managers and administrators.

With the newly updated Folder Analytics, you can now consolidate & track your Learners’ progress and performance across all your modules within a single folder. You no longer need to manually consolidate data across individual modules or use advanced Excel formulas to obtain key compliance & performance metrics.

Time saved can be spent towards more value-added strategic thinking and planning of training programmes to improve the skills and productivity of your workforce, whether you’re an organisation in F&B or construction or VWO or any other industry sector!

How to use Folder Analytics?

Our folder feature operates much like the file-sharing feature on Google Drive – where sharing 1 folder will enable the recipient to access every document & file within. On your folder analytics dashboard, you can have an overview of key metrics such as completion rates of assigned modules, average training duration, and average scores across all assessments and quiz components within your folder. With folder analytics, compliance and performance tracking no longer needs to be a time-consuming process. The updated Folder Analytics is here to make key data and metrics quickly accessible and operational for you.

New Learner Management System

In our new system, we’ve centralised learner management into one single location – akin to a central organisation Staff Contact List.

You no longer need manual updates of individual modules’ Learners. Additionally, Learners can now be categorised into different groups based on regions, outlets, worksites, departments & even their job roles or functions. While you are at it, you can filter invitations based on your learners’ invitation or completion status. Lastly, we launched the most requested feature – which is to customise the invitation message to your learners. You can inject your creativity in crafting encouraging messages for your learners. No more sounding like a faceless chatbot, but a real person behind your training module!

How to use the new Learner Management System?

This soft-launch is now live 🥳 , and we are rolling this out to ArcLab users on an opt-in basis.

To move over to the new ArcLab Learner Management System (all the conveniences described above), please write into growth@arclab.io for our development team to assist in importing your contacts to this new platform. We provide a free 1-to-1 personalised session to help ease the migration.

Build a productive workforce

All these updates and announcements – SmartTranslate, Folder Analytics & New Learner Management System – build towards our long-term mission: to make training and upskilling easier for your deskless workforce. ArcLab will keep working hard to help you create better tools, to connect, train, upskill, share information with your employees more readily. We are thrilled to finally share what we’ve been working on with you and hope it helps you achieve more together with your workforce.

A big thank you to everyone who shared their time with us during our User Clinic session. We hope to host you again at our future User Clinics. Follow our social pages or Subscribe to our blog to find out when. Stay tuned!

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