Increasing ROI through employee upskilling



Increasing ROI through Employee Upskilling

Investing in your employees always yields high returns, after all, they are the main driving force of the organization. One form of investment can be via digital microlearning. This method benefits the employees as they learn something new while saving their leisure time. They also have knowledge at their fingertips hence opening growth opportunities for themselves. As for the firms themselves, this new advent in technology can help boost return on investment (ROI).

Investments are a risky venture especially when you are not sure of the outcome, but upskilling is not a risk but a necessity. One of the best ways to look into upgrading your staff is through digitalization, which is not just cost-effective but also efficient. According to psychology, human beings are disinterested in content that is not tailored to them, with microlearning (or nanolearning) this has been made possible. Statistics show there is 20% more information retention when nano learning is used, and there is a 17% boost in learner’s performance. Thus, showing proven benefits of this method of training. Apart from this as a business, if you take time constraints into consideration, training may become secondary. It is always perceived that the employees need to stop daily activities to do on the job training. With nanolearning this may not be needed, due to the mobile nature of nanolearning, it can be done at one’s own convenient time.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. 

— Jack Welch

Interactive Nano learning is becoming the norm in several industries such as F&B, Hospitality, and Retail. In fact, the projected growth rate for nanolearning is 2.7 billion by 2024. The growth represents the success rate of implementing this technology as it makes it easier for employees to perform daily tasks without an information overload. Furthermore, businesses can teach their workers about standard operating procedures, and information about their products which the staff can relay to prospective customers, therefore, increasing sales. The content can also be designed in a goal-driven manner which provides a clear learning objective to the learner. This can be further reinstated via inbuilt quizzes and tests which allow the organisation to test the understanding of the user. Test results paired with key performance indicators (KPI), can help companies track progress and gauge ROI.

Nano learning can be considered as a solution for frontline workers which not only benefits the employees themselves but the management as well. With a plethora of advantages being offered by this technology at low prices, it is quick and easy for a business to adopt this change.

ArcLab Mobile learning solves training needs; offering remote training via our proprietary SaaS platform or a blended approach integrated with your current L&D framework. You can further learn more today about how Nano Learning can improve work performance in your organisation. Try our learning module and receive a copy of our Nano Learning playbook.

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