A digital HR experience



A Digital HR Experience

In our new COVID-normal world, companies are working to adapt and pivot their businesses.

Significant changes can be observed in Human Resource practices in organisations across the world, including the application of more technology in the workplace, which ArcLab was glad to contribute our thoughts to this Tech Collective Asia exposition.

What are some key themes?

First — the way we hire affects who we end up hiring. From getting your prospective interviewees take gamified online assessments to identify thinking patterns, to virtual recorded interviews which are run through an AI algorithm instead of a human recruiter. Such technology helps assess and filter candidates with attributes which accurately match with what the company wants for subsequent rounds of interviews.

For example, Hilton hotels, a renowned chain of hotels around the world has turned to digitising their HR. Hilton’s HR team gathers data from high-performing employees and apply it towards filter new applicants.

Existing high-performing employees’ data can be applied to new applicant filtering | Photo by Marvin Meyer from Unsplash

Second — digitalisation can be used to enhance employee experience. To manage the introduction of these new processes in the HR department, skills of current staff need to be upgraded. This means we need to familiarise the staff with technology before they can further hire tech-savvy employees.

Internal HR processes that can be digitised include payroll and leave applications. Digitising these free up HR Department’s time for higher-value activities like strategy and planning. Employee feedback systems can also be digitised, and analytics applied to provide important insights for the organisation.

Pivoting training (traditionally done through face-to-face lessons and by sending staff to external courses to upskill them) to online training services also allows organisations to tailor specific training content for their workforce.

Some important HR will always require a human touch | Photo by Christina from Unsplash

There will undeniably be aspects of HR that will require a human touch. For example, complaints about harassment and bullying will almost always require a closer look from HR, management, and line managers. Empathy is an (the) important trait for HR professionals. Technology is ultimate just a tool.

In conclusion, we need to take the right steps for our our workforce. Happy employees form the working culture for the entire organisation, which translates into the experience of the customers the firm serves.

With the right framework, we then need to apply the proper training. ArcLab empowers companies set up digital training for your workforce with your own Nano Learning modules.

To take the next step, go to ArcLab Discover today!

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