How Mobile Training Benefits Non-Profit Organisations

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The Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs or Non-Profits) are organisations that are driven by dedication to a specific cause instead of profit, such as giving back to the society through food or donations etc. Hence, NPOs often receive tax-exempt status from their governments. 

Here are some examples of NPOs in Singapore:

  • Montfort Care was founded in 2000. They provide family services, child protection service as well as cyber wellness and cyber care programmes for the youth and elderly. Their mission is to improve the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional changes.
  • Rainbow Centre is a registered charity and Institution of Public Character founded in 1987. Rainbow Centre serves persons with disabilities (PWDs) by providing practical education, meaningful support and effective training. Through their programmes, Rainbow Centre creates opportunities for PWDs to make the most of their abilities and participate meaningfully in society.
  • Care Corner is a NPO founded in 1981, that provides services for families, children, youths, seniors as well as mental health and wellness. Their mission to build hope and promote the well-being of individuals, as well as families in community through social and healthcare services.

Why Mobile Training for Non-Profits?

With good samaritans from all backgrounds and walks of life coming in to volunteer each day, providing them with standardised and timely training can be challenging. Even simple training sessions on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can take up to hours when having to conduct it multiple times in different languages. This is where ArcLab comes in.


ArcLab is a mobile training platform that enables you to digitalise your SOPs into bite-sized mobile learning modules. You can easily supplement your modules with interactive and engaging visuals and quizzes to help facilitate effective learning for your volunteers. Try it for yourself!

Mobile training enables your volunteers to undergo training on-the-go and at their own time. This helps to save training time and increase the organisation’s productivity.


ArcLab’s SmartTranslate empowers your learners to learn in their preferred language. This helps to save time as training or briefings do not have to be repeated in different languages.

Our modules are designed to be interactive and engaging with visuals and short quizzes to help facilitate effective learning of your volunteers. Try it for yourself!

Just-In-Time Training

ArcLab supports the delivery of Just-In-Time training to ensure all staff and volunteers are equipped with the relevant knowledge about the programmes prior. It also helps keep information fresh in the minds of the volunteers since the bite-sized training can be completed right before commencement of the programmes. Easily prepare your staff for events and activities through simple ArcLab modules.

How Montfort Care benefits from ArcLab

Montfort Care is a network of programmes committed to improving the lives of individuals, families and the community facing transitional changes. 

  • Previously, before using ArcLab, new hires had to sit through a full day of live 100-slides onboarding presentation on their first day, by various departments (such as HR, Finance & IT). For them, this method of staff induction was time-consuming and inefficient for both existing staff, as well as new hires. The process was also ineffective due to the information overload. 
  • Hence, Montfort Care digitalised their onboarding deck into a series of bite-sized ArcLab modules that are delivered straight to the staff’s mobile devices. This enables them to learn at their own time and pace, as well as refer to materials on-demand. At the same time, representatives from different departments no longer have to be physically present to conduct the onboarding presentation. The onboarding modules also included interactive quizzes which are embedded in the modules to engage and facilitate learning.
  • Montfort Care also embedded virtual office/office tour videos into their onboarding modules for new hires that were not able to physically visit any of their centres (primarily due to Covid Safe Management Measures). This allowed those new hires to experience the office/centres virtually through ArcLab modules.
  • Last but not least, ArcLab is also being used to supplement a “Montfort Care Amazing Race”, which is part of their new joiner orientation programme. Some of their modules will provide participants with clues, as well as details and descriptions of the location of certain centres that they will be visiting that day. Similarly, a virtual tour video is also embedded for participants to take a sneak peek before actually visiting the location.

ArcLab supports Non-Profit Organisations' noble missions with preferential pricing

What are you waiting for? Connect with us and start using mobile training for your organisation today!

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