F&B Leaders’ Dinner in Kuala Lumpur

ArcLab StaffAny F&B Leaders' Dinner KL


In August, ArcLab had the opportunity to be back in Malaysia – following from our previous trip in March. On both our trips, we had the chance to meet with leaders of F&B businesses – some of whom ArcLab is already serving, and others who were keen to find out how to enhance their workforce productivity.

Building ArcLab, we adopted a beyond-Singapore mindset from the get-go. Firstly, Singapore is small as a market, and the workforce is also largely white-collar office workers. ArcLab is built to be the go-to training tool for the Deskless Workforce, so it was only natural for us to think regional and global from our earliest days.


Starting with the problem, we looked at some training pain points that market solutions weren’t solving well: 

1. Off-the-shelf Training content wasn’t suited to individual businesses

2. Deskless workers weren’t necessarily proficient in English, which is what most training content was created in.

3. Businesses often do not have the time nor resources to conduct these training sessions, which took employees off the shopfloor, resulting in lost production time.

4. Consistent, uniform training was difficult to do across multiple locations – as much training is person-dependent.


Since most companies possessed deep knowledge of the work that they needed their workers to be able to perform, companies themselves should be the best at upskilling their own workers, be it training F&B staff, or training construction workers.

We were also laser-focussed at ensuring simplicity and ease of use as we built ArcLab. And this became the platform:

The platform is infinitely scalable, as training is created by individual companies for their respective workforces. 

ArcLab makes it easy for a HR / L&D / Operations / Workplace Safety & Health professional to create a set of bite-sized training modules for the organisation, designate learners to receive the training, distribute via SMS or email, and track learning & performance via the ArcLab Learner Analytics dashboard. Follow-ups & interventions can then be planned as needed, for workers who need it most. And if inspiration is needed for training content, ArcLab Discover’s library of 70+ (and growing) training templates is a great resource.

Conducting training this way ensures conveying a uniform training experience to every worker – in the flow of work. This helps businesses to reduce time and cost needed for training – effectively, it funds free headcount for the business, through the resource savings and productivity gains.

Having served many Singapore companies since we launched in late-2019, we’re glad to now also serve Malaysian businesses and help you create a more productive & profitable organisation. 

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