HolonIQ EdTech 50 hat-trick for ArcLab!

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Thank you, HolonIQ!

HolonIQ’s Southeast Asia EdTech 50 features the most promising EdTech startups from Southeast Asia.

The EdTech 50 identifies young, dynamic startups working hard to improve learning & teaching in K-12 & Higher Education, and Workforce Upskilling.

ArcLab is proud to be featured in the EdTech 50 for the 3rd year running

We are humbled and grateful for this hat-trick of validations of our work to Upskill the World’s 2.7 billion Deskless Workforce, through building the world’s Simplest Training System. 

If of interest, here’s what we’d showed HolonIQ (we updated the 2nd screen after 1 Nov 🙂 ).  

Now imagine a training module built this way. How easy it would be for a lower-educated Deskless / Frontline / Blue-Collar Worker to consume.

Thank you, ArcLab customers!

ArcLab exists because of of forward-thinking customer organisations who trust us these past 3 years to upskill their workforces. Through contextual, continuous and calibrated training in-the-flow-of-work, they nurture well-trained workers who are more productive for their businesses.

This is especially important as costs rise in our new higher-inflation economy. For businesses to be viable, new technologies, processes and business models need to be put in place. All these require effective training – so staff know what to do, and how to do it better for the business.

ArcLab’s data from serving our customers show higher productivity though better-trained workers means better bottom-line for the business. This hopefully means firms can now justifiably pay higher salaries to workers who have contributed more to the business. This is important for the lower-wage workers – where higher costs can very well mean meals skipped, pulling a kid out of school, or worse. 

Looking at this another way – wages have in fact risen due to market forces, especially in labour-constrained economies. Companies who invest in staff training create more productive workforces, meaning getting more bang for their buck for every dollar in wage paid.

Still Day 1 of ArcLab's journey to Upskill the World's Deskless Workforce

I remember ArcLab’s earliest days, from our first POC (built in 6 weeks) to the platform’s commercial launch and our first customer The Hour Glass in late-2019.

The early ArcLab platform was fuss-free and no-frills – with a single-minded purpose to solve organisations’ needs in onboarding, L&D and HR (e.g. Appraisals & Pulse Surveys). 

Along the way, we take in feedback from customers and users, and keep improving the platform, yet retaining our fuss-free and no-frills design pillar. I’ve kept snapshots of our platform through its different development stages. It was a nice trip down memory lane putting them together for this blog post.

Here’s how we’ve been improving ArcLab these past 3 years:

We’ve grown a fair bit since those early days, and are glad to have the opportunity to now serve customers in Singapore and in Southeast Asia – in industries ranging from Food Services & ManufacturingConstructionNon-ProfitRetail and others, in areas like customer service training, workplace health & safety training, onboarding and induction programmes, and many more. 

Thank you to all our customers for trusting us to onboard and train your workers.

Thank you too, Bisk Ventures, Tinkertanker & EduSpaze for backing our work from the earliest days.

We remain at #Day1 in our journey to Upskill the World’s Deskless Workforce.

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